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    Which kingdom hearts game is better Kingdom hearts or Kingdom hearts 2?

    So what did you think of the overly long Roxas tutorial? I mean, nothing happened 'til about two hours in.
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    Oh Hi KH1 Xemnas did you get no Damaged?

    Final Mix editions keep the English voice cast.
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    KHII more light hearted???

    It's even worse when we find out Sora actually forgot about losing his heart. "My Nobody? I never- *pause* Oh...." facepalm
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    KHII more light hearted???

    Kingdom Hearts II tried to be darker, but the confusion and naiveté of Sora in the first game made for a darker and more compelling story. The Kingdom Hearts II box art was WRONG!!
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    How many

    Beat it twice. I've tried starting it several times, but couldn't bring myself to go through Tutorial Town.
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    Which kingdom hearts game is better Kingdom hearts or Kingdom hearts 2?

    Kingdom Hearts 1 had a coherent storyline and the game at least pretended that the Disney characters had some sort of purpose in the game. In Kingdom Hearts II you get some lame Organization (which is rather unfortunate, because Chainy Memories played them off as a deep, philosophical group of...
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    Things you Like/Disliked about 358/2 days

    Here's a general list I made based on the hour or two I've played of the game. Dislikes: - The hub. I was expecting TWTNW to be at my fingertips, and greatly expanded on (since this game is centered around Organization XIII). But all we got was this plain looking lounge that has absolutely...
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    Birth By Sleep Soundtrack

    However, Utada isn't the only artist who could do songs for the franchise. Although they've already licensed that song so they can pretty much use it as much as their heart's content. :p
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    Birth By Sleep Soundtrack

    I personally find this to be the best soundtrack of the franchise. However, the use of Hikari... again... bugs me greatly.
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    Hey howdy hey!

    Well, hello there. I'm just another lurker who finally came around to registering. Whereas a lot of people include their life story in their intro, I'll spare you the boring details and have you all be on your way. Pleasure to make your acquaintance. :)
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    Lets Discuss Marluxia (SPOILERS)

    I personally thought that Marluxia made a much better villain than Xemnas. Even though his plan was poorly-planned beyond belief but he seemed much more intimidating.