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    (SPOILERS) Joke Weapons

    Re: Apparently there are joke weapons I think a bananna would suit Marluxia better...
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    (Spoiler 358/2 Days) The Original Names

    All the names, I'm guessing are........'unique' sounding...So don't get your hopes to high.
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    (Spoiler 358/2 Days) The Original Names

    Exactly what I thought at first, Nocturne
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    358/2 Days will be at E3 + Fall Release for North America

    If I am wrong correct me: Dissidia came out a while ago.......It took a while for it to be announced officialy in the US. Now 358/2 came out not even a week ago.......and it's already been announced here? Hm......I think it's a bit odd. But 358/2's release will come pretty quickly my friends.
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    I was wondering something..

    I believe they do. But that's just pointless to talk about at the moment. The most common traits of video game heroes is strength(That increases gradually), strong will or spirit, and I guess knowledge? But that of course increases as well. So really, heroes are a diverse group in my opinion
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    (SPOILERS 358/2 Days) What Xion Actually Is

    Re: (SPOILERS 358/2 Days) What Xion Is .........If that's true.......Totally worth it.
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    I was wondering something..

    A firefighter has to be pretty strong...So that may not be the best example to use at the moment. Now why drag real life heroes into this?
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    Everything We Know About 358/2 Days | Xion So Far

    Oh. Then I guess it's not only me.
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    Beta English version of 358/2 at E3?

    10$ It's Hayden!
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    Everything We Know About 358/2 Days | Xion So Far

    (Internet thanks. The best kind there is...Unless you get a cash thanks in real life. Then screw the internet!) Wow. I love how KH hates me today. Stupid site won't load for me today
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    (Spoilers) 358/2 Days Video Walkthrough (Complete)

    Re: (Spoilers) 358/2 Days Complete Video Walkthrough I'm sort of shifting towards Rion >=3. Second time I agreed with Audo today...
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    Beta English version of 358/2 at E3?

    If there is a beta, my friend I'm sure would be having a major fanboy moment...Yup with out a doubt. I'm willing to bet all my belongings that it would be something we've seen already. Besides maybe the voice acting and the menu and stuff would be in english...I may possibly be wrong.
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    (Spoilers) 358/2 Days Video Walkthrough (Complete)

    Re: (Spoilers) 358/2 Days Complete Video Walkthrough Yeah didn't she create a thread of that preview for the new interview? I believe she did.
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    358/2 days and BBS manga

    The game hasn't even been realeased in it's home country. So really a manga will be in the far off future. However a 358/2 manga I'm guessing wouldn't be THAT far away...Maybe
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    I was wondering something..

    Being a hero means life has given you the power to beat everyone.........Plus respawn points...But that's stupid. So really being a 'hero' in video games means they are strong....PERIOD. Now if there was a Anti Hero.......
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    Xion *is shot*

    Interesting thought....It does make sense in some ways but it has its flaws but it is a good thought
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    Thoughts on Re:CoM

    I thought the Japan one was a little better and to be honest I thought the US one was going to horrible mostly because of Soras' voice actor but I thought it was alright (Except Namines' voice) and also I thought it was too easy especialy Reverse Rebirth. But overall I thought it was a great...
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    Zack and Terra: French Speaker Needed

    Maybe it means terra will be sort of like zack and this has nothing to do with the subject on one of the scans it says director's cut
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    Will BBS be better because it's darker?

    It might be a little more darker then the other kingdom hearts games but that's just my opinion