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    ACCF trading friend codes

    o hai it's me again ;) i just wanted if any of you guys have Animal Crossing:City Folk for the wii. Yeah, 'cause i just got it and it seems sorta boring :P My friend code is 2621-9143-2925. tahnk youuuuuuu
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    Who has aced everything in LBP?

    Yeah lol. I know Proper Artist did. But i still can't ace collecters lair and the construction site. :( Thanks lol i haven't been on forever! lol This can be closed.
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    Long time, No see!

    Well, most of you know I haven't been on in this for months. lol I was about to go on on christmas but i got LittleBigPlanet and I have been busy with school.Although, this dosen't mean I'll be on alot, it just means I am still active. PSN Pinoy_S0ulja215. peace
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    RE:CoM question

    Re: CoM question Haley,David,and the (maybe)The guy that plays axel is confirmed.
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    Is Cloud?

    Its basiclly the the same thing they have in the jap version and syncing that matches haleys. so yea.
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    How long did it take you to beat KHII?

    I was rushing the 2nd time on proud mode so it was 3 days if i recall
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    how long in production RE:COM

    Maybe a week till it getas to europe
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    !!!Fight the enigmatic soldier. wha. how?!!!

    Ohhh defeat the five Organization XIII members in the Absent Silhouette battles. Defeat Xemnas and successfully complete the game. Then use the new portal in Disney Castle Hall of the CornerStone area to reach ES/AU.
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    The battle of the fastfood resturaunts

    Wendys,Burger king,McDonalds,Arbys, or checkers?
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    !!!Fight the enigmatic soldier. wha. how?!!!

    I spam reflect. Then put beserk to use and go on final form.
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    where do you get KH: FM+

    Tough luck on gettin one, all of them r sold out!
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    Aqua,Namine Roxas,Ven

    Ven...Aqua..and aqua are friends? and what cissy said.
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    How this idea

    Sora was 15 i think..
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    recoms rating

    I played Jap, and i give it a 7/10ish.EDIT Because the battles are so long!
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    RE: Chain of Memories Extra Content

    Re: Chain of Memories Extra Content Ragnarok said on a thread like this yesterday it would be KH:RE CoM FM XP,I think we wouldent get it seeing how japan gets everything.
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    How this idea

    1. Dont type random uppercase letters 2. The Hercules thing is correct. 3. The Arial thing: HELL NO. WE ALL HATE ATLANTICA AFTER KH2!
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    where do you get KH: FM+

    Playasia(DOT)com and you need a thing to install to your ps2(forgot) because a american ps2 dosent work for jap games. or you could do this.
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    birth by sleep trailer

    It would be weird to fight MX when you first start..
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    Link to sora - Ven's keyblade

    I think that when Ven says " erase me" he somehow goes into sora.