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    The Weirdest Food that you ever ate

    Tell the world on what kind of weird **** you ate in your life time. 1. octopus and 2. Ladybug.
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    Picture of Aqua

    That's obliviously a fake. I don't who are you trying to fool, but it's not working.
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    Do you have an OC for the KH series

    I know I'm asking a stupid question (OF COURSE PEOPLE HAVE A OC FOR KH!) but since there's no thread like this, I thought What the heck why not? Anyway I have a OC for kh here's the link.Noraax for Wolf-Enigma by *Dealsian-Maverick on deviantART
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    Venom's identity

    *gasp* Could venom be in BBS? and could Ven be spider-man?
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    The XIVth Member: What we DO know

    That she's a girl and not namine.
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    Did Numora know about the KH sieres would bring fanservice?

    Just a thought, did numora knew that kingdom hearts was going to bring fanservice ?
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    Ven Name speculations?

    Or it could possibly be Venceslav.
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    Aqua and Kairi theory

    This is just a shot in the dark but, you know how Kairi didn't knew how she got to the Island and that she didn't knew where she came from and Aqua looks just like her? Well, what if Kairi is Aqua' Nobody?
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    Why do we have religion?

    For me, it's just used to lable someone and to discriminiate someone.
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    How would you kill bush?

    I would just push him of a cliff.
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    Zexion's element

    It's either illusion or phsyic (levitation, mind control, etc.)
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    Future KH game plot

    Yeah so this is where you post your plots for the fututre KH game.
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    Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Possible Boxart

    This is pretty good box art.
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    Should we have a "bump" option in the forums?

    Just so we don't have any thing to post in old posts to bump it back up to the first page.
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    BBS meaning theory

    People make theroies so that they can explain the unexplainable. So untill the games come out, the theories will keep on coming.
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    Fanfiction ► KH:Dominion

    Hiya everybody, this is my very first fic! So please no flaming (^_^') These characters belong to their respective owners Balto and Co-Universal Angel and Kavik-BaltoLuver63 Disney Chars-Disney Anime chars-Respective Owners 1928 Nome Alaska Jenna- Oh where’s Balto? Kodi-Hey mom...
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    BBS meaning theory

    That could be a logical explaination.
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    BBS meaning theory

    Well in my mind, Birth By Sleep probably means that something is born if something is sleeping. For example, Sora was sleeping in KH2 but roxas was not born when that happened, he was born when Sora was a heartless. But, what if when sora was a heatless his soul was dormant and roxas was created...
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    The Org. member that you just couldn't wait to destroy?

    Xaldin-because he was so damn hard to kill.
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    What ending should BBS have?

    four words- Big Ass Keyblade War.