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    When are we expecting news?

    It's sad that E3 will no longer be around anymore. It was like the Place for Kingdom Hearts news. (R.I.P. E3 1995-2019)
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    KINGDOM HEARTS Missing Link Coming 2024!

    So what was the New World that was shown on Twitch? (A Disney World or an Original World?)
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    When are we expecting news?

    Possibly we could expect some news before the End of the Year and then by Next Year more news on Kingdom Hearts IV.
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    KH Dreams thread

    I had this Dream where there World Announcements for Kingdom Hearts IV like with Princess and the Frog, Coco, Star Wars, Moana and Zootopia (I was going to put the Jungle Book and Treasure Planet but there wasn't any chances they wouldn't be in the Game)
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    Would you want Disney to buy more companies?

    NO! No more i don't want them too because they'll be more Greedy
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    When do you realistically see this thing being released?

    Depending if we get it on the PS5 either 2024 or 2025
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    Disney announces Disney & Marvel Games Showcase at D23 Expo 2022

    Yeah might as well wait until 2023 for News/Updates for KH4 since Nomura said no more KH4 news until 2023
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    What do you wish to see in the Lost Master(s) Arc?

    Here are some of my Ideas. I really want to see Disney Worlds such as Meet the Robinsons, Treasure Planet, Emperor's New Groove, Atlantis the Lost Empire, Coco, Raya, Encanto, Moana, Inside Out Quadratum as a Hub World Keyblade Transformations FF Cameos
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    KH4 probable worlds

    I agree we do need more 2D Worlds like Treasure Planet, Atlantis the Lost Empire, Emperor's New Groove, even The Sword in the Stone
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    New Nomura Gameinformer interview. Discusses Disney Worlds, Quadratum, and Final Fantasy in KH4.

    I hope not Hercules because Hercules is finished with Kingdom Hearts
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    New Nomura Gameinformer interview. Discusses Disney Worlds, Quadratum, and Final Fantasy in KH4.

    Well geez i was hoping we get a mix of New and Classic Disney Worlds (Like Jungle Book, Treasure Planet, Emperor's New Groove, Atlantis the Lost Empire, Meet the Robinsons, Pocahontas etc) but that's not gonna Happen.
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    New Nomura Gameinformer interview. Discusses Disney Worlds, Quadratum, and Final Fantasy in KH4.

    Well since KH3 lacked Classic Disney Worlds i hope KH4 dosen't lack Classic Disney Worlds
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    KH4 Development Timeline

    I just don't want KH4 to Lack Classic Disney Worlds (2D Worlds) Kh3 lacked the Classic Disney Worlds and the only worlds from the 2D Disney Movies were Olympus and 100 Acre Wood. I really want to see Jungle Book, Emperor's New Groove, Atlantis and Treasure Planet shine in the Series.
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    KH4 probable worlds

    How about this... (A list of what worlds that should be in Kh4) New Worlds (Mix of Classic and New Disney Properties) 15: Wreck it Ralph world (In 3D form) 14: Marvel Universe (In the Comics not the MCU) 13: Endor (Return of the Jedi) 12: The Land of the Dead (Coco) 11: City of Supers...
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    KH4 probable worlds

    I only see Agrabah and Pride Lands returning. I mean we haven't finished the Aladdin Trilogy. Also i would love to see the Pride Lands in Unreal Engine just as long as they don't do the 2019 Remake and go to Simba's Pride. Coco, Jungle Book, Raya and Star Wars are good choices. Not so sure about...
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    News ► Kingdom Hearts IV and Missing-Link officially announced!

    I just hope that there will be Disney Worlds for Kingdom Hearts IV oh well no Kairi game before KH4... And who was speaking to Donald and Goofy?
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    KH anniversary day, what are you going to do?

    Not sure but will watch Kingdom Hearts Related Videos on Youtube (Maybe Videos where everyone talks about what Disney Worlds they want for the Next Upcoming games, Gameplay Videos of Past Kingdom Hearts games)
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    Thoughts on this possible leak for the 20th anniversary?

    Aww i wanted to see Classic/Modern Disney Worlds like Treasure Planet, Jungle Book, Atlantis the Lost Empire, Bambi, Meet the Robinsons, Emperor's New Groove, A Bug's Life Zootopia, Moana and Incredibles. But i can see they want to focus on the Modern Disney CGI Stuff...