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    Something I Still Don't understand

    Okay,i don't understand how sora,donald,and goofy end up in Twilight town.Did castle oblivion become the old mansion in twilight town or what.I dont understand it at all.If u know,please explain it to me.(and dont try and act like you're all tough and stuff by talkin trash cuz i didnt know about...
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    Kingdom Hearts II FM+ Release date

    Well EGM Magazine(im not saying im trustin their word.But i believe they said that it most likely will not be coming to the U.S.) But i mean,im not gonna believe it until Square Enix says it from their own mouths.
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    Riku's arm

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA wow,like he just had to "Relieve some stress" huh Wink Wink LMAO!!!!!
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    KH2 Glitches!

    Hmm i havent had any of these glitch problems on either of the Kingdom Hearts'.Maybe cuz im the ULTIMATE KH GAMER!!!!!!!!(Okay outta my dream world now).But yeah,i havent had any problems.
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    Use Fenrir or Ultima

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    Should they get rid of Drive in the sequels?

    I didnt really think they needed drives in Kingdom Hearts 2 because Sora was kinda unstoppable without them after u learned most of his abilities.Cuz for the last 12 hours of playing the game,i only changed into drive at TWTNW so that i could get final form.And then after i beat it.i started...
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    Did you beat the last Paradox Cup?

    I cant beat the titan cup rules part cuz i always run out of hits when i get to pete.
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    let us get one thing straight here!!!!

    Man i dont even think Nomura knows exactly what the three armored characters represent.Maybe he just made them and then later on he'll come up with something about them.Some kinda link to the last 2 kingdom hearts games.So then,Those Three nights could be anyone.New Characters,Old...
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    Something They Never Explain!!!

    Hey have u guys noticed that they never explain how Sora ended up in Twilight Town.He was in Castle Oblivion when he entered the Memory Restoration Chamber right?So how did he end up in Twilight Town?
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    Have any of you beaten KH2 without the strategy guide?

    I think everyone here has beatin it without the strategy guide.There is no need for it.
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    Final Form!! help me plz

    Hmm im curious.Some people say u can only reach level 99 on this game.So why does he say he is at level 100???But anyway,yupp thats how i got final form.Changing into Valor Form(my favorite drive) at TWTNW.Im sure u can use any drive tho,it shouldnt matter much.
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    I Beat Him!!!

    Hey everyone,i finally beat Sephiroth!!!He was actually kinda easy.Its just u gotta know all his moves first.Its too bad,i kinda wish i could face him again.Im glad i beat him tho,now i can join the select few that have beatin him although i wish i was the first.
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    Complete List of King Mickey Boss Battles

    hmm i only needed him once.
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    Final Form?

    I got it yesterday when turnig into Valor form.But i thought u could only obtain that form when ur in TWTNW.But i guess im wrong since "SUPPOSEDLY" someone(oblivion keyblade) got it in Twilight Town.Thats pretty interesting indeed.Time to do more research. *Leaves Computer and turns on PS2*
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    two keyblades at one without drive

    Hmm,thats a pretty nice way to level up fast,Thnx for the tip.
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    Best places to level up each form?

    Yeah the game was pretty quick,only 30 hours maine.Thats too fast if u ask me.But i loved every moment of it,i will say that much.Plus there are so many side quest that u can do that it isnt even funny ya know.
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    Drive Forms

    So thats how u get final form,i always changed into it during the last boss fight,thats why i havent gotten it maine.I really must thank yall for this info.But yeah KH2 IS GREAT!!!But it was alot shorter than the first one.I beat it in 30 Hours.
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    How to get the secret ending

    Yeah i too have seen the secret ending,its not as good as KH1's secret ending because u cant really understand it.But it does kinda give u a hint on something that i cant say right now.But yes,KH2 was a great game although its alot easier to beat i must say.I beat it way too quickly and i kinda...
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    Favourite Spells?

    I Like Omnislash,arcanum,and ragnarok.They all tight on COM.And arcanum and Ragnarok are tight on KH1 also.
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    I dont believe this one bit.They just used them forms at those certain worlds because they felt like usin them there.thats all.