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    What was your reaction when you first got final form?

    so you've never heard someone say that the "game" KH is hot?
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    What was your reaction when you first got final form?

    duh.. i am a guy.. In case u guys didnt kno... the word "HOT" doesnt mean the person's face or body necessarily.. it also means the outfit and the two keyblades hanging from his back and the way that u can fly it's a "HOT" feature of the game
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    What was your reaction when you first got final form?

    I had leveled up all my forms which means I had driven like 30 times and then I was like "forget it".... then I went to TWTNW and some nobody pissed me off and I drove into master and BOOM my reaction was "ABOUT TIME!!! THAT LOOKS PRETTY HOT"
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    Newbie needs help

    all i gotta say is: lol not becuz im making fun of the kid asking for help but becuz im happy that such a little thing can help out someone that much because he would've never figured it out
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    Keyblade... when riku got that?

    i'm gonna stay wit walmart for now lets see if someone can change my mind
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    Is KH1 sora fake or is KH2 sora fake?

    ^^^^^lol now it's 21 lol me n kawaii are really into counting this...bout half the whole thread said puberty
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    Is KH1 sora fake or is KH2 sora fake?

    ^^^^ 19 keep em comin!!! lmao
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    Keyblade... when riku got that?

    i'll take walmart on this one... seems like the most reliable one
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    Help with Titan Cup points

    lol good for u.. being lvl 99 and not beating the regular titan cup is kinda behind a little
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    Is KH1 sora fake or is KH2 sora fake?

    ^^^ congratz on the 1000th post lol n for the rest of you thanx for makin me read "he went thru puberty" like 17 times after i had said it
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    Shouldn't Kingdom Hearts 2 be Kingdom Hearts 3?

    i'd say more like: KH1 is KH1 (ITS A FULL STORY) KH:CoM is KH2's first half (THE ORGANIZATION COMES IN) KH2 is the other half of KH2 (THE ORGANIZATION COMES TO AN END)
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    Is KH1 sora fake or is KH2 sora fake?

    lol 4 real... a one word answer: Puberty also, noticehow the graphics changed because they have a better graphic system
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    Believe me or not

    ^^^ he said he did it on proud I believe you.... i could probly beat him at lvl 40 because his patterns are SOOOO easy
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    Question About Jimmmines Journal

    nah u dont have to complete all tha gummi missions but i bet you're missing a heartless or a synthesize goal here do this: press 'start', go to 'journal', then press 'O' and it takes u to all the worlds and jimini's journal is 1st... if he doesnt have a little mickey next to him it means that...
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    Paradox Ceberus points help!!!

    do this: equip a lot of ethers and throughout the WHOLE tournament just use Magnega and when they're all smashed together use thunder like 4 times... keep doing the same thing in every round and u'll get ur points I got EXACTLY 1,300 points
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    dreams on kh2

    ^^^^^^^^ lmao 100% off topic
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    In regards to Roxas and Namine (spoilers!)

    there's a scene before the battle wit xemnas where namine and roxas get out of their original bodies and namine says that they havent sank into darkness and this is why they could maintain their original form.... also, they're the nobodies of two ppl who have VERY STRONG hearts
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    dreams on kh2

    i've had countless dreams where i dunno who i am and i dunno where i am and i dunno what my weapon is but i'm killing heartless wit countless combos and nonstop action.... they're pretty cool becuz all i hear is *clink* *clink* then see some flashes but i really dont kno who i am
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    !!!Sora VS Riku!!!

    wow....... plz dont bring back threads that aren't even from this year
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    the best trick out there is to go to the underworld in olympus colisseum (the main room wit the saving point and the moogle) and summon somebody and then stand there til RIGHT BEFORE it runs out, then go to the the save point and go to the world map and then come back and it'll be filled up...