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    Looney Tunes

    Gotta love the classics. . . love the episode " The Barber of Seville " w/ Bugs and Elmer. . . yea. . .
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    Beavis and Butthead

    You gotta love them, no matter how stupid and pathetic they are. I like the episode where they go to the coffee house and Beavis tanks up on caffine or however it's spelled and turnds into Cornholio. . . yea. . .
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    All I saw was the end. . . it was gross. . . . goriest movie I've ever seen. . . . my parents were watching it and I was in there room on the pc, and all I heard from that movie was screaming bloody-murder and a chainsaw. . . opinions?
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    Lacuna Coil

    Opinions people? I Love the band. Her Voice and His voice together with that music juss blend so well together. . .
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    Saw III

    Yea. . . . comes out October 27th. . . rumored to be the last of the Saw Series. . . also. . . . starring in Saw III. . . . . . . Master P. . . . . uhuh. . . . yea. . . . can't wait. . . also, the first trap in Saw III is rumored around. . . shall I pass it on?
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    Fanfiction ► "Elementals" Need comments please KH and ANime please

    I skimmed over. . . . it's good. . . . it starts out very well. . .
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    Jackass Two

    http://www.jackassmovie.com/ I wanna see them Brand Johnny Knoxville
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    Hate Me Today. . . .

    Opinions? I, Myself, Love the song. . . I'm tryin to download it on Limewire, but can't get the radio version b/c the cd version isn't as good. . . he kinda screams out the chorus in the radio version. . . .
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    Donkey Kong VS. Super Mario

    Donkey King is cool. . . Why is Mario " Super " anyway?? He's a Plumber. . .
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    Brittney Spears Pregnant again. . . maybe

    First, she was caught driving w/ her baby in her lap Second, Her baby fell out of it's high chair and fractured it's skull Now she's having another to torture. . . or so the rumors say. . .
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    An American Haunting ( Bell Witch )

    Has anyone seen it yet? Is it any good?
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    Super Mario Bros.

    Does ANYONE still play Mario, for super Nintendo and old stuff like that? I still think Super Mario 3 ( Cat Tails ) Is Awesome.
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    Lindsay Lohan as Sailor Moon?!?

    That Ugly Witch is gonna be playing Sailor Moon in the new live action Movie. . . I have no Idea when it comes out but I know she's gonna ruin the entire thing. . .
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    Who sucks so much, they make u want to HURL???

    MCR, The Used, Taking Back Sunday, Thursday, Fallout Boy, Senses Fail, and any other -SILLY- band.
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    Does any of you persons know the release date for the FMA Movie?
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    Does any of u persons know the U.S. release date for the FMA movie???
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    The Cow says " Moo "

    :D Do you have any idea how long 15 days is??????? It's like. . . one more day than 16!!!!!! Wow!!!!!! 2 weeks and a day!!!!!!!! and it will be in my hands!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!