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    Mythril Crystal

    Ok i just got my last Orichalcum+ and went 2 make the ultima weapon wen i realized i didnt have my mythril Crystal and i have no idea wer 2 get it anyone no?
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    KH2 or KH:CoM

    yea just like review the story cause its not that great of a game, but if u want to fell "completed", i guese, then get it.
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    Soras Shoes

    OMG i was lookin at KH cosplay on Ebay and found these http://cgi.ebay.com/Kingdom-hearts-Cosplay-Yellow-shoes-SORA-size-11-RARE_W0QQitemZ6065572475QQihZ009QQcategoryZ1345QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem what if u were just walkin down the street and looked over to see a guy jogging in these bad boys lol...
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    can anyone help

    i used only lvl 9 atk cards (I dont think i even played 0's once in the whole game) and elixirs to bring them back and also high cure cards
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    how would you feel If you Were Sora?

    Sora does have the wackist clothes around, but he pulls it off lol
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    they should have made CoM a short movie on the game or something cause around the 900th fite against the same heartless...it gets kinda old
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    Appearance Changes...(Man i have alot of topics today)

    I can see everybody becoming more serious looking in the future...and yes Riku needs his old hair back i hate his emo hair now
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    Hey I was just wonderin if someone could make a sig for me...im not sure how or id do it myself. if u have sum extra time id be very appreciative. pm me if ur up 2 it. Thanks!:D
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    Whos story do you like more in CoM, Sora's or Riku's?

    I liked Riku's STORY, but not the gameplay. you dont get to do any customization to your deck, you only have one friend, and you have 4 sleights, and 3 of them can only be activated in Dark form....not very fun
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    Can someone post a list of the new keyblades from kh2, id be very thankful!
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    Disney Worlds

    ok i was thinkin about wat the weirdest world to be featured in kingdom hearts 3 would be...Remember the Titans! fight heartless on the football field after having a summer training program for ur team. lol wat do u guys think?
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    axels original name

    Alot of ppl thougt it was Alex and u just didnt add an x, but the rest of the names are sort weird, but hey its kingdom hearts:D :p
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    The actual card game

    i can only find them on ebay, but i think playasia.com has them too
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    Who hates the KH2 Commercial?

    yea http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=meMi0x1hD18&search=kingdom%20hearts%20comercial is the one i see everyday i think it makes kh2 look like a little kid crack pot game lol
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    Roxas or sora

    idk, i think sora because roxas hasnt fought as much as sora, but itd be a good fite!
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    The actual card game

    no look for it on ebay TOMY makes it and it is a TCG, but all i can find r boosters and stuff, not a card list or anything like that
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    The actual card game

    does anyone know much about the tcg released with CoM in japan? I cant find much..