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    Anyone else notice that saix has pointy elf ears? probablyl doesnt mean anything but just putting it out there.
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    Rumored Names for the BHK

    I heard it was teh japanese word for ground or earth(forget what it is) because sora is the japanese word for sky
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    Is anyone as excited about Setzer as i am... probably not... 75% of you probably havnt played ff6 which is my favorite ff. i hope his airship looks the same it was sick. just a though: setzer is a card thrower/ gambler just like ruxodo...maybe they have some wagers.
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    We're screwed

    you can see the towers of hallow bastion in teh backround. so why is it confirmed not to be hallow bastion.
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    Two more drive forms.

    i forget where but i heard the colors were going to be green and the ohter one pink but this is completely unconfirmed
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    kh2, for psp?

    no i dont think thed make kh2 on psp... too long and graphics are already too good for the psp. a CoM remake without cards would be amazing for psp though.
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    The BHK theory I don't entirely support...

    ^ that is a neat theory
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    KH2 english trailer?

    ^^^^^^^ yeah what he said so anyway YOU LIKE CHRONO CROSS?!!?! i lvoe that game
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    KH2 english trailer?

    eventually but first we need a us official site
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    Silver Haired Unknown

    ive been flamed for saying all unknowns have the same boots before . thats the only reason i typed that i was being sarcastic. his hair isnt even that much longer and hair can grow much more than that in a year. and you dont even get a clear shot at his face so you cant really say it looks...
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    Silver Haired Unknown

    the only one... at the end of the latest trailer
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    Master Form Minor Breakthrough

    sick floating keyblades!
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    Passion adaptations?

    Re: Passion adaptaions? well the clip of passion that we heard was kinda weak if you ask me. i hope its just like the light part of the chorus or something cuase i thought that it was really boring for a Utada song. if thats what the whole song sounds like i dont think they should make an...
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    Better Quality Dengeki Scans

    i love how Raijin has an 8 on his pants... I wonder what it like stands for o.0
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    Silver Haired Unknown

    Ok these are the reasons I think that the silver haired unknown has to be riku. 1.Same hair color. who cares if its longer and styled different. 2.Same boots as riku has at the end of CoM when he walks with mickey.(you can see this when sora falls to his knees) 3. sora falls on his knees in...
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    Girl kidnapped by Axel

    whywould she wear her SCHOOL uniform at home... are you on crack? its her. well now we know how kairi leaves destiny islands.
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    Riku in trailer?

    aldix is teh guy with the long blue hair... and yeah i think that its definalty riku. he has the soul eater same hair color. and sora falls to his knees when he takes off his hood.
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    1 new org memeber not 2

    you know how on kh2.co under the new trialer description it says theres 2 new org members shown? well wasnt there only one? they guy wiht the long light blue hair. he looked alot like zexion in the closeup.
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    pete...as a freakin' LION????

    yeah i saw this earlier and busted out luaghing... it looks so retarted which makes it pretty awsome
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    New World?

    someone said it was the rivised hallow bastion