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    Favorite Style.

    So yea no matter what you say. Everyone has their own "style." So what's your favorite style. And if you dont have a favorite what style would you most like to have?
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    Rep the person above you

    Yea um its pretty self explanatory. Rep the person above you.
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    Has anyone gotten Hypnotize, System of a Down's new album, yet? Im like just about to go get it and i want to know people's thoughts on it.
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    just kind of a random question

    Whats the significance of the matsuke scroll and shiitake scroll that you get from hitting the rare truffles a certain amount of time?
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    im really bored, but i think this is cool...

    Those are good pics...but ive already seen this stuff haha...
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    Bhk Gang Theory.

    Yea ive always thought that those three kids that hang out with bhk were just like tidus wakka and selphie but that theory sorta makes sense. (i dont really know too much about the characters so my opinion doesnt count much.) It would definitely be confusing for the past present thing to be in...
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    Help with Tales of Symphonia...

    Hey guys! Um i just finished killing Rodyle and being able to transport between Sylvarant and Tethe'alla but now i have no idea what im supposed to do next. Does anyone know what to do? (Sorry if the question doesnt make sense.)
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    Ugh yet another relationship topic

    Ok me and my gf have been having problems because we havent been able to see each other very often. We live in different cities so it makes it even harder to see each other. I need some ideas of how to make seeing each other easier and things we should do together and stuff like that. Please...
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    Root for me

    Haha arent you glad that i showed you that? Well i think im level 26 right now but i dont remember ill have to check. But i havent played in awhile so...
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    Let your feelings be known!

    If you like/love/care/miss etc. someone then let it be known here! Shout out their name or something about them that you dont like. Please tell me if this is in the wrong place. Ill start. KATHRYN I LOVE YOU!!!
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    What song means the most to you?

    What song means the most to you? Like holds the most memories or makes you the happiest, saddest, etc.
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    kiss a random person!

    This is pretty much like the kiss the poster above only you can choose who you kiss out of anyone in the world. Ill start! I kiss (you guessed it) my gf Kathryn!
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    Favorite ice cream flavor

    Whats everyone's favorite ice cream flavor!?
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    Fanfiction ► Rikku's Last Mission

    This is a great fanfic!!! You definitely have to write more!
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    Name that Song!!!

    Ok. Ill post some song lyrics right now and the first person to get the name of the song right gets to think of some new lyrics and then we have to guess the title of that song. Ill start now. Long ago Just like the hearse you die to get in again We are so far from you Burning on just like...
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    The Food Game!!!

    When someone posts the name of a food you use the last letter in that name to make a new food name. Like this: banana the last letter is "a" so i could say apple then it just goes on like that. My food name will be apple!
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    at what level did you beat the game

    I beat the game at level 45. It was my first time beating it and it was pretty hard.
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    Final Blade?

    I dont know how people have them but if someone could sell me a final blade ill buy it for 1 billion gil.
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    Coolest move?

    I think the coolest move is Sonic Blade by Cloud or Sin Harvest Angel by Sephiroth.