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    Official "I got Kingdom Hearts 2" Thread!

    i got it yesterday, for my 18th birthday!!!!!!!!!!
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    KH2 Release Date Discussion Thread

    how exciting it comes out the day before my 18th birthday! I have a ? tho, on amazon, it says the date is in april? whats up with that?
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    pics of riku

    Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!! I've been looking for weeks.
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    pics of riku

    can anyone post the pics of riku and sora from the end before sora gets the note in the bottle? I've been looking for them ever sinse i saw them.
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    War of hearts (experienced RPers only)

    Hello everyone and welcome to my RP!!!! Here is the story line: Long after kingdom hearts was achieved and all the worlds became normal, hearts were returned and heros were honored. It has been 30 years after the door was closed and the heartless gone (after KH2). Every year each world...