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    PS3 Re:com problems

    this seems to only be a problem on the 80gb ps3s the 60gb are not having this problem. i was on the official playstion site and there are other people that are having the same problem. i hope they fix it. basically the game does not register that you picked up the donald card and will not let...
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    This Minigame Is Tickin Me Off

    the easiest way is to use magnitic when there is only small pots and quickly break all of those. when a large pot apears, try making it break into the smaller ones, this will make larger point balls drop. its a bit hard, but it can be done. and make sure to use finishers, the pots wont break if...
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    Theres a keyblade called "FAKE" wtf

    ok, if the keyblades exist and you can get them, why has no one posted the stupid codes? the longer the codes are with held, the more poeple are not going to believe it. and to answer your question Xell, things like that get left in games all the time. that is where glitches and codes come from...
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    Sora Heartless Form ...

    hmmm i guess you do not read. i said i used valor and wisdom alone more than 60 times each consecetively and did not go into anti.... :| i have made that clear more than once already. when i completed the game not long ago (i didnt pay everyday like some people) it said i only went into anti...
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    Sora Heartless Form ...

    ..... still do not see how you can control it. like a said, in my save i went into valor and wisdom form over 60 times leveling up consecitvely. but that i mean the full drive glitch, and i not once gone into anti. in all, i have used all different types of drives way over 100 times now and i...
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    Sora Heartless Form ...

    um... how can you control it. i went into valor and wisdom form over 60 times in a row without getting anti form once. and you can use magic when in forms just not valor and anti. all the others you can and magic is also a bit different, stronger that is.
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    Sora Heartless Form ...

    um...... anti form is completely random. there is no way of really telling when it will come into effect. on my save, i have only gone into anti form maybe 4 times and all durring boss battles. and when i went and spent 4 hours leveling up all my forms to 7, not once did i go into it. but my b/f...
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    thax guys, im glad some people already had this thread going. i only needed poster duty and the last two paradox cups and i will have 100% on my game. i owe you guys! :) and the poster duty clips helped a lot.
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    kh2 glich cheat... never ending drive!!

    yeah, everyone knows that and you do have to warp out of the world in order to get all your dirive back. its cheep in leveling up your forms.
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    about final form

    hmmm... actually, now that i think about it, anti-form is unpredictable and random, it is possible that final form is the same. it may not have anything to do with how many heartless, bosses or nobodies you kill. eh... the only thing that you can really do is keep using drives as much as you...
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    about final form

    i just recieved Final Form yesterday. I believe the way you get it is just by using any of the other 3 forms and killing nobodys. im not totaly sure about that, but i was fighting nobodys in twtnw when i got it and the only way you can level up final form is to kill nobodies while you are in it...
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    Fanfiction ► Kingdom Hearts Final Mix.

    hey sephy, havent seen you online in a while. you need to write and post more! hehehe :p and soon buddy!
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    Kh2 Date Was Changed !!!!!!!!!!!!

    dear god, dont these stupid people read? stop making these topics! there is a sticky on the forums specifically saying that all threads on this topic will be closed. STOP MAKING THEM! let square enix formally anounce the date before you start posting it! uhg.... will a mod PLZ close this?
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    Fanfiction ► Kingdom Hearts Final Mix.

    just lovely! :) write more! lol. i like it that you have put monsters inc. into your story. very cool. keep it up man!
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    Eeyore Sidequest

    I found this out on accident and i dont know if anyone else has noticed this. When you are in winnie the poo's book after you find Eeuore's tail if you go up to eeuore's little makeship house you can break it down. he then says something like "well i guess i just have to build it again." i dont...
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    Fanfiction ► Kingdom Hearts Final Mix.

    yay!!!! there will be stuff to read when i get back from my weekend trip!!! :D me so happy!!! *jumps up and down with happiness*
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    Most used move in the game?

    i can not live without dogde roll! seriously. that and cure, areo, and trinity limit are awesome.
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    Fanfiction ► Kingdom Hearts Final Mix.

    ooooooh goodie! a new chapter! yay! me like! lol. good job sephy! keep it up. :) now go write more! hehehehe
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    Fanfiction ► Kingdom Hearts Final Mix.

    :D good! oh and i like these chapters, keep it up man!
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    Fanfiction ► Kingdom Hearts Final Mix.

    yay!!! finally :D ive got to be going at the moment but as soon as i have time i am reading it!!! now... go write more! :P hehe.