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    Bad news for all those KH2 Wanters out there

    I can't believe your moaning cos its a day overdue. Europe doesn't have a release date yet >_< and im not getting my copy for 3 weeks
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    The Suffering in Europe

    i'll just lock my self in my room with a gun then and stop all my crazy stalkers. And if anyones gonna ask me how i'm getting it for free i'm not saying
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    The Suffering in Europe

    YAY i live in europe and i'm KH2 for free. YAY. And i'm getting my PS2 modified...FOR FREE. YAY. which means i'll get it the same time as america.....YAY
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    New interviews

    credit goes to kh2.co.uk. This is the first section of the KH2 Ultimania interview's translated so.....YAY Not sure if this has been posted buit oh well Tetsuya nomura interview Around when was production completely finished on KHII? I put a secret movie in the original because I was thinking...
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    Importers anyone

    Yeah i know what you mean about europeans. We got it bad. Anyway you could try www.amazon.com. I'll go find more
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    KH2 opening

    My fave bits are when sora and marluxia and riku and Ansem are fighting. it's better to watch it in slow motion cos you can see what they're doing. And the bit where he gets trapped in the pod and then flies over the ocean
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    What about Sepphie?!!

    yeah he does come back and you get to fight him......again
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    level in CoM

    Sora=lvl 99 riku= lvl 89 it took ages to get them up to there
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    Fanfiction ► A Small Kairi/Sora Fic

    I liked it seeing as they got together. Although it'll never happen in kh2 Kairi'll probobly die in kh2
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    I wonder....

    yeah it will most probobly or else it wouldn't make sense him ending up somewhere else straight away and besides it shows you in a trailer. OR you could be playing as bhk
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    New about Master Form

    yeah i agree with helios about donald and goofy cos master forms meant to be a mixture of wisdom+valor form so it would be more logical
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    new kh2 news: Including a possible release date!!

    I just logged on and theirs lots of stuff like a possible march release and other stuff like updates about the new scans. If it's been posted close this thread please :D
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    Is Tron Disney?

    yeah and it sucks
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    New KH2 World? Tron?

    you can actually imagine sora and co. in those suits. Sora woud be bald though
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    Background info on Demyx?

    oh cool i didn't know that. HE was meant to be gay but it's disney so it won't happen....Homophobes
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    Pete in lion king world

    yeah i started this thread before anyone else. I think i should turn this into a poll of do you think pete is fat and ugly
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    Pete in lion king world

    ergh now that is wrong
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    Pete in lion king world

    ok i was just loading up kingdom hearts ultimania and then this pic of pete in the lion knig world popped up and it just looks weird http://www.kh2.co.uk/ it's not big news but i just find that pic so weird and funny. If this has been posted before close this thread please