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    Should there be another...

    that would be a very stupid idea even though im sure they'll do it anyway
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    Roxas is more pure and lighter than Sora

    i think your wrong and roxas helped make kh2 disappointment, because that 4 hour intro was so boring
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    Is It Just Me ??

    no dude its not just you, kh2 did screw up in so many ways that it is fair to call the game a disappointment
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    Best voices

    I'd give it to sora in kh1
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    Favorite Summon?

    Cloud and Genie are the only two summons that I used in COM
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    I beat him on both but it took me like 20 tries to beat him on the kh1 but on kh2 it only took me 2
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    kh or kh2 secret ending

    the kh secret ending was awesome because of the fighting and cool cloaks, but the kh2 one looked like a couple really tall skinny power rangers. (it was just one more thing that disappointed me in kh2
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    how do you read it

    at first i didn't even know what people were talking about when they put COM but now I read it in my head Chain of Memories
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    things in kh that kh2 missed.

    His point is that Kh2 was a huge disappointment and wasn't half as good as the original
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    Can anyone tell me the song that Shadows Fall sang in Mx Unleashed
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    Peace Homies

    Unfortunately i have to agree with you I was also very disappointed with just about everything
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    Honestly ,Did KH2 gave you all you wanted in a Game?

    I actually wasn't half as happy with it as I thought that I would be. It was a bit of a disappointment to me.
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    who do you think is the best kh2 player in this site?

    I'm the best Kh2 player ever!
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    Have any of you beaten KH2 without the strategy guide?

    yea i dont think anybody would use the strategy guide the first time going through.
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    Disney worlds Disappointing?

    Does anybody else think that they could've done the disney worlds better such as: the cave of wonders The only disney worlds that I was completely happy with was Halloween Town and The Under world those are the only two that I believe I couldn't do a better job. I was super disappointed in...
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    The Unofficial "I Dislike Something in KH2" Thread

    I really didn't like the way that they made the disney levels, they lacked the disney magic.
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    What Is ur Favorite Level Right Now On KH2

    I miss Traverse Town, but I think that the Underworld is my favorite so far
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    I am soooo pissed!!!

    Yea my little brother was ran and hit my ps2 while I was saving and it made my saved data corrupted so I had to completely start over again today and I was like 30 hours in also.
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    What should have been added in Kh2?

    I think they should've made Disney Castle and Beast's castle bigger. I also think they should make the cave of Wonders look like its supposed to.
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    Okay, so I think there's one thing Squenix should've added...

    I wish that I would've had to find the key holes instead of them just appearing I think that you should've had to actually fly to the worlds too instead of just appearing there without having to fly in.