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    Short Atlantica Dance Game

    g How did you like that part of the game Xaldin? Surprisingly I liked it more then I thought I would.
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    (People with the game)Is the restart game function completely out?

    Back in Kh1 has many of you know if you press all the main buttons at once you would return to the title screen. Now that I have finished the game I want to try out my saves, but that button trick seems not to work now in Kh2. I usually have to die on purpose to do so. Is there another way that...
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    Pirates of the Carribean "Port Royal" Gameplay

    Those pirates were really difficult to bring in and out of the light sometimes. But it was still very fun.
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    For Kairi fanboys...

    I thought it was pretty funny the first time I saw it, it's an interesting find. Don't see why the person that took it has to be a "Pervert", but hey, that's just my opinion.
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    Spoilers- Dark Mode

    Sorry, I can take a picture. But I have no way of uploading it. I am surprised myself that there are no pics of it yet Oh btw: Triangle has no function in this mode.(Happen again to me in HT)
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    Spoilers- Dark Mode

    Yes, very similar to the Anti-Sora look. But I noticed that there is still a small bit of design on Sora's pant legs, it's a very faint gray design. I would say he is 95% all black though.
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    Spoilers- Dark Mode

    Okay I just did it again, but this time I paused the game and cut on the VCR. And this is what I gathered: Triangle: :( Not sure. Sorry. Circle: Basic sqwirling and scratching attacks(Very fast and angry) Square:Sora will fly around the screen looking for the enemy. X: Basic four legged jump...
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    Spoilers- Dark Mode

    No, no Keyblades in this mode. It just happen to me again, I don't have that equipment to take pictures. But I am sure a pic of it will appear soon. I have not been able to see what it can really do yet, because each time it happens I am on the verge of dieing. But once I was able to get him to...
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    Something unique about Mickey (Spoilers)

    Heh, yeah. It just happen to me during the Sora vs. Dragon fight. Though Mickey's inability to fly on the tornados made him...... well pretty useless. heh But he seemed very strong.
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    Spoilers- Dark Mode

    Sorry I don't have a pic, but all I can give you is my word. When Sora is fighting he does have a Anti-Sora type mode. It just happen to me again. From my point of view I think Sora needs to be hit and flying threw the air to do it.
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    Kingdom Hearts 2 Strategy Guide

    Re: Kingdom Hearts 2 Strategy Guide (Spoilers) I'll get that a try, and don't worry I don't flame people. heh
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    Spoilers- Dark Mode

    In Timeless River you can activate Drive. You don't change color(since there is no color. heh), but the affects still work. Sora will carry two keyblades in Valor form in Timeless river. I have not reached, Atl, HT,or Pride Rock yet. But I do know there is drive in HT. The mask changes color.
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    Spoilers- Dark Mode

    That is actually a good example. heh Just picture Sora like a Black colored Kyuubi Naruto. I have no clue at all, he just transforms on me at random times. And I can't test it, I tried going drive while having low health but it made no difference.
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    Spoilers- Dark Mode

    It was really was nice transformation. :) He's very fast, but I wasn't able to figure out if he had his old clothing on or not. I tried playiing the same boss battle again, but nothing happen that time. It happen again to me in Timeless River
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    Spoilers- Dark Mode

    I have activated it twice now, they both happen at random times. Sora turns completely black and has yellow glowing eyes. And he walks on all fours if I remember correctly. He moves a lot like a Heartless, twirling around the enemy. And from a experiment I tried to use a potion, but it didn't work.
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    Kingdom Hearts 2 Strategy Guide

    Re: Kingdom Hearts 2 Strategy Guide (Spoilers) I need to ask you a question Xaldin, even though this thread has a spoiler tag on it. I am gonna put another one here just in case. heh SPOILER AHEAD: DON'T READ PLEASE UNLESS YOU HAVE THE GAME. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . I am not...
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    Kingdom Hearts 2 Strategy Guide

    Re: Kingdom Hearts 2 Strategy Guide (Spoilers) Oh no.... I didn't get Wisdom Form. So I was suppose to get Wisdom And Valor in the same place? No wonder I didn't fight the Dragon.
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    Has Any One In The Usa Got There Kh2 Yet?

    I am enjoying the game very much. The gameplay is fun and the story is very mysterious. But when I was back in control of Sora everything started to make sense again. heh Oh, and BTW: The game is pretty import friendly. Yes, people that don't know Japanese will not understand the complete...
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    This is what happens when u lose a boss battle (SPOILER)

    Well, I have lost a few times. And the only opinions I ever got was to Continue and To load game just like in KH1. There is also something weird going on with Sora while he is fighting that I need to speak to somebody about. It's strange that I see no talk of it. But I can't think of a place to...
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    jelous and frustrated

    Even though I am one of the Lucky ones, I do still feel a simultaneous release would have been nice. It seems to me that they started the dubbing and translating a bit too late.