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    Fanfiction ► Reunited Bladers

    This is really good keep it up. Will Roxas, Namin`e, and other final fantasy characters be in this ?.
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    What was your saddest part in KH2? (Possible spoilers)

    1.the sadest part was after i beat the game. Now i have to wait FOREVER!! till the next one comes out!. 2. when axel died. 3.after goofy gets nocked out and comes back he should of stayed Dead (JK)
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    Not Spoilers In Title

    Re: Not Kairi's Keyblade mayby the present is in the hands of the guy that the other knights are looking at in the end of the movie?
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    Not Spoilers In Title

    Re: Not Kairi's Keyblade Thanks but the weird thing is how manny kingdom keys are there?. We have light(Sora),dark (Mickey), and now twilight (That Knight) so do you think there is another kingdom key out there some where?.
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    Not Spoilers In Title

    Re: Not Kairi's Keyblade purified_riku155 your right it is black and silver but it has a mickey head for a key chain?.
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    these are mine! Valor: Oblivion/Bond of flames Wisdom: Ultima Weapon Master: Ultima/Fenrir Final: Oblivion/Oath Keeper
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    Is there ant AR or GS codes for KH2?

    Here you go! these are for armax!. http://forums.khinsider.com/showthread.php?t=57017
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    Riku And King Micky In Black Hoods

    Well he sure fooled Sora, Donald, and Goofy!. But only for a secound though. LOL
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    Kingdom Key or the Star Seeker

    kingdom key! no contest that was an easy one! star seeker hust looks stupid!
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    All Action Replay Max codes for KH2 brought to you by Square.Legend.Network(S.L.N.)

    i tried both code breaker and ar max but i can't get the way to dawn to work this is frustrating!!! dose any one here have a way to dawn code(the one that lets sora weild it) that worked??
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    nope not at all make sure you keep your 9 cards safe use them and your 0 cards to mostly block him so you can hit him in the secound round but in the first i would have three cloud cards (if you have them)and use them when his hp is half way down and mack sure you have some cure spells and...
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    well it depends on what cards hp and sleghts you have? then i will give you your score but if you are level 99 you should have no problem!
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    Is the Game any good?

    ok i will help you out! just ask a question and i will aneswer it! it is a really good game but a little easy long if you watch the movies! sora is still semi retarded,donald is stupider than goofy but over all i would give it a 9/10 a very good game
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    Best Form

    final rocks!! yea same her it is bad@$$ and fast it is awesome but kinda uncontrolable some times though but the best there is! have you noticed that anti and final almost have the same moves? but in final he has key blades and is stronger in strenghth and magic and anti is weaker in every way!
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    Armax Code Thread

    dose any one know how to get way to dawn for sora and mickey keyblade for sora?
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    The REAL thing for the third symbol spoilers

    finaly some one with a good thery!!!! two thumbs up!
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    begginner, normal, or proud?

    i beat it on proud mode the first time and secound time theni tryed it on normal i was disaointed though it was not hard enough.
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    Favorite KH2 World

    i like twilight toun, the world that never was, and the pride lands,the most oh hollow bastion was cool to atlantica and hollow ween toun i did not like
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    When u lvl up

    well i pick hp then cp and if ther is a sleight pick that one every time it depinds on if you got alot of high hiting cards pick cp to beat him or you have enough cards get hp then
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    how did you get KH2?

    (thanks other than my brother she loved games as much as i did we wer best friends to but thes things happen i guess) don't feel out of the loop some people on't have it still and others are waiting to get theres like the people in Australia thers come out in the fall