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    kingdom hearts world

    If you was in the world of kingdom hearts. Who would you be and why?
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    Which form to you love using?

    Which for do you like using? I like the master form
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    nobody's real names

    do anyone know what the nobody's real names are? and where they are from? i don't know if they are original characters or from other games. i was just wondering since i never heard them.:D
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    Funny dave chappelle skit

    hey yall got to see this skit its funny here's the website http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nkamym1aEPs&search=chappelle%20show%20lost%20episodes:D
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    did u know

    do u know in yensid castle in the room where u get your new clothes if you go back and examine the mirrors in that room they will tell u about each drive form even the anti form
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    Mickey's Letter

    Dear sora Remember when you, donald, goofy,and Riku went into kingdom hearts me and kairi stayed behind. Well i hate to be the bearer of bad news but kind of plan that. You see, me and kairi have a thing for each other. After we stayed behind we started to make out. Boy i tell ya, she aint no...
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    why are people complaining that they beat kingdom hearts 2 too early. They are the ones who rush though the game without trying to level up to 99,complete jiminy crickets 100%,level up all drive forms,or complete 100% of all side quest and challenges.
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    level 100

    Has anyone got to level 100 or close to it.
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    the next kh game

    I think that the next kingdom hearts game will be a mmorpg(massive multiplayer role playing game) because said that the final fanasty group was planning something with disney. any comments!!!
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    Wal mart SUCKS

    thats why i never preorder games. I just skip school a go to every game store i can find and by the game.
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    the real world

    This is just a question i just thought up: If the kingdom hearts franchise was a real world, would u want to be a part of it?
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    Nobodies or heartless

    For all the people who got kingdom hearts 2. Is the nobodies harder than the heartless.:confused:
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    So long

    Why did it take so long for Kingdom Hearts 2 to be release.
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    So what new enemy yall think will be in Kingdom Hearts 3
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    All 5 of sora's forms

    Aye u got a pic were I can see this form
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    All 5 of sora's forms

    First of all I said info not picture Get your mind straight and there are 5 forms valor,wisdom,master,final,and darkness
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    All 5 of sora's forms

    :D yo anyone got any information on all 5 of sora's forms Halla Back at me
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    come one come all talk kingdom hearts 1 or 2

    talk about anything u know about kingdom hearts 1 or 2 Anything!!!!
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    Say all u know about Kingdom Hearts 2

    Say all u know about kingdom hearts 2 storyline because I still dont get it clearly
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    Death in Kingdom Hearts II...

    maybe maybe not who knows