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    Ipod help!!!!

    I'm trying to transfer songs from my Ipod to my friend's but it's not working!! Please, does anyone know how to do this? I would greatly appreciate it :)
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    Crazy Hair!!!???

    What does your hair look like hmm??? Which character in KH do you have a similar hairstyle to??? Being random here folks...thus the result of boredom. lol My hair is the same length as Riku from KH2.
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    Best Cosplay of Video Game/Anime Characters

    I thought we could start a thread on showing pics. of awesome cosplayers. To start, here's one of Riku I found^^ Riku: The Eyes Don't Lie by ~khamryn on deviantART
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    Riku's wings

    Looking at pics. of Riku, I realized that on the Final Mix cover he has wings. I was wondering why he has them, or is it just a play on Sephiroth's wings? And if Riku and Sephiroth have nothing to do with one another, then why does Tetsuya Nomura continuously make them look alike and sometimes...
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    Hojo's feelings

    Yes, I know it may sound like an oxymoron (Hojo having feelings) but honestly, did he ever truly love Lucrecia? Or was he just using her to produce children to experiment on?...creepy... Anyways, I just can't figure it out. Maybe he went corrupt somewhere along the lines, but he might have...
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    Fanfiction ► My book

    Okay then, I'll read it wherever it goes lol
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    Insane quotes

    Here's a thread where you can place any crazy, wacky, or stupid quotes that you've heard or that you've made up yourself. "If you die, I'll kill you!!" -Me Have fun, and be goofy!(not the dog:toungesmile: and yes that was a bad one)
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    Username color

    I noticed that some people on here have their username a certain color other than the normal black. I would love to have my name in green, and was wondering how/if I could.
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    Song in the Beginning of CoM?

    Yeah, it's a very beautiful song^^ Heck, even the title is pretty lol
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    Which character do you hate in CoM?

    Namine was the one I didn't like in CoM lol I thought she was annoying and trying to take Sora(and Riku) for herself-I'm a Kairi fan so yeah this angered me. But on KH2 I saw Namine wasn't annoying and I like her now(still have ill feelings towards her everytime I think about CoM though lol)...
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    From Yesterday

    I had an idea that we could take a music video and expand upon it. The video From Yesterday by 30 seconds to Mars is perfect for this. If you have not seen it yet please watch it here- YouTube - 30 Seconds To Mars - From Yesterday (Clean 7.19 min version) As you can see, the movie leaves an...
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    Kingdom Hearts movie??

    This has probably been done before, perhaps not, but I was wondering if Square/Disney had any thoughts about making a movie for Kingdom Hearts. Maybe one similar to Advent Children; I think that would work out the best if they did one^^ Plus both companies make movies, so you would think it...
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    Help/Support ► Struggling for social acceptance.

    Don't let people get you down. I felt pretty bad myself today, but you have to realize the people you're dealing with are ignorant and only follow what other people are saying. You're a skater huh? Well, I think that's cool^^ Other people are probably just jealous. It's very difficult, but...
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    Help/Support ► why does it bug me?

    Okay, I don't think any of you guys are helping much by saying stuff like he's a control freak and too young...-_- And unless you are older than the ages you posted, well than you're not much older than him. Personally bond of flames, no one here knows the exact relationship of you and your gf...
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    Help/Support ► why does it bug me?

    Coming from a girl's point of view(and although I don't do stuff like that) it's possible that she's just joking or even that she is trying to make you jealous. Dunno, maybe she wants you to spend more time with her or something and she's giving you a sign. I don't know how your gf's...
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    Did I miss something?-Glowing eyed guy

    I dunno if I missed something, but the glowing eyed guy that was on Another Side, Another Story never showed up to my knowledge. And when you actually play the game, the guy that is standing in his exact spot is Roxas. So who was that guy? Did they take him out in the final editing or did...
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    What was the worst thing that happen to you in KH2

    lol Don't feel bad, Demyx beat me too at first. Sora kept going into the stupid shadow mode and I couldn't heal...
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    What was the worst thing that happen to you in KH2

    The fact that I was so close to beating the pirate guy(Barbados) and he had an extremely small amount of his bar left and then...boop I'm dead. Hated that! I think it happened twice actually. My game could've been messing up though-I beat him the 3rd time. And I just HAVE to add this! On...
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    KH2 Ending video-Favorite character

    In the KH2 secret video with the knights I think all 3 characters look awesome^^ But in my opinion, the guy that resembles Riku and has short hair looks the coolest. So what does everyone else think?
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    KHIII-Sora's voice actor

    I was just wondering if anyone knew whether or not Haley Joel Osment was still voicing Sora in KHIII. I heard a while back he was busted for having drugs and alcohol-something like that. Well, I'm just worried that Disney won't allow a guy that got caught with drugs to continue a series with...