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    Would Kh2 have been better without Com??

    Moving Zexion in better graphics and with a voice = happy Jillian!!!! (who is me lol) :wub: And no Ansem Retorts would SUCK lol I'm an uber fan! Why you ask? Well... lolololol Larxene says "M IS FOR DRUGS!" XD I still think CoM was sort of unnessesary.. At least Sora's story... everyone...
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    How did you react when you first heard Aerith´s voice in KH2?

    Re: How did you react when you first heard Aerith´s voice in KH2? ..I puked my pants :) You are better dead and underwater. Or with Mandy More.. AND DON'T WHERE UG BOOTS! And she looked like a yoddler :[ NOT COOL. I didn't like Leon's new voice either. So I puked my pants TWICE. :cursing...
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    ur opinion should Roxas and Namine return?

    I agree. Well I REALLY want them to return but I just don't know how it would work. UNLESS Nomura writes a script where it would be easy for them to get into the storyline. Come on Nomura! YOU CAN DO IT! Plus. I like Roxas and Naminé better than Sora and Kairi anyways. There characters are...
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    Riku's Kairi

    How would Kairi be bi? A whore? MAYBE. But she like Sora... and Riku... and... Axel... lol... and every boy there is. Sora, definately bi :) Kairi and Riku duuuuuuuuh even though he might like Riku more =O And Riku is just GAY. He is as gay as the rainbows in my luckycharms cereal. Which is...
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    Curseing KH2

    LOL I woulsd be so happy lol cause well... I've kind of got a dirty mouth O=D But I mean they're FIFTEEN GOING ON SIXTEEN and if you're not swaering by then if not 14 then if not you have some issuessss. So think of it as adding a sense of reality :) And it would be funny. I can just picture...
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    Would Kh2 have been better without Com??

    I dunno, but it's not true about KH2 making no sense at all without playing CoM. Unless you were REALLY dense =D. Reasons... 1. Roxas' flashbacks | 2. Listening to DiZ, Naminé, and..... umm... that other guy (I never know what to call him at that point in the story) talk about Sora and company |...
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    Fave OrgXIII member's hair

    When it comes to looks, Zexion will always win in my opinion =D HE'S JUST SO GORGIOUS!!! *fangirl mode, activate!* I mean his hair is just so flippy and emo IT'S PERFECT!!!!!! Just like every single feature on him. Sexy Zexy <333 Sorry Demyx, you're adorable like not other and I love you but i...
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    I've Discovered A Connection Between Ff Vs. 13 And Kh2's Secret Video!

    I just think that those swords look more like powertools........ and foreign objects. And in the pic with that guy sitting like Sora.... hmmm pretty hott =D I don't think that there is any connection =/ Like Kawaii said, Nomura just probably ran out of ideas... He's probably always getting a...
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    Best voices

    Well actually... I thought Olette's voice was perfect for her lol =P Roxas's voice was great O=D I hate Jesse McCartney's music but I'm in love with Roxas so SHOOT ME IF YOU MUST! And Namine's was pretty good in my opinion. Well I liked DiZ's a lot. mhmm and Axel's of course Quincey Flynn es...
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    Did you ever...

    Kawaii and Mickey Killer are starting to make my brain bleed =D But really.. Kawaii what IS your opinion?? I actually thought it was funny lol. Kairi like attacks him and Sora's face was kinda like "EWWW COOTIES!!" hehe O=D then he's like "o-okay then *pat pat hugs* you can get off now (and my...
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    Some thing noticed in Secret ending.... *SPOILERS*

    Well... I just got something off youtube that was just added to my subcriptions and i dunno... it was cool i just thought I'd show you people in case you were interested. It is a video showing some things in the Secret Ending after KH2 that might be hard to notice. It's kinda cool. And then...
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    Mickey's Letter

    Dear Sora, Tom Cruise locked himself in your closet. Sincerely, King Mickey
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    Mickey's Letter

    Dear Sora, I forgot to tell you that you had a "kick me" sign on the back you throughout KH2 because i stuck it to you while you were sleeping. I think people took to the next level and tried to kill you. Sorry. :) Sincerely, King Mickey
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    Who is your favorite Organization member?

    I like DM's answer about Demyx lol it's so true.. Demyx is a cutie. HMMM though i know i've posted in one of these before i'm still gunna go along. It's very hard to say for me. WELL Zexion is BY FAR the HOTTEST thing in my opinion and i love him. But Axel is just the sweetest most adorable...
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    Mickey's Letter

    Sora: *taps Riku on shoulder and hands him the letter* Ummm... it's for you. Riku: *takes letter and reads* Dear Riku, Nice ass. Sincerely, King Mickey
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    new theory for chasers

    I actually think that is a very good theory. I'm not sure if Xehanort was a Keyblader though seeing how Xemnas did not use Keyblades, he used light sabers. So i still think he's a Jedi knight. The different dimensions thing could be true also if you pay attention to the part in the secret...
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    Chain Of Memories DVD

    Well there is this thing called Skies of Memory that you can download at filefront or watch it part by part on youtube. It doesn't show you the disney worlds wbut it basically shows you everything in them white/blueish rooms and it includes Riku's story lfkjgnslbfgbjkdjfb Is that what you...
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    Riku And King Micky In Black Hoods

    Because they wanted to look bad@$$ Riku might've fooled people but Mickey must've been on crack if he thought people couldn't tell who he was. O_O
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    Should the Other Original Org Names Be Revealed

    Arlene is good for Larxene... could it be Lerane too? Or maybe that name is spelt differently. I think wikipedia only has the ones that are also in the Ansem reports. BUT Not only would i like to know the others real names... I WANNA KNOW WHAT THEY ORIGINALLY LOOKED LIKE!!! AAHHHHH!!! Did...
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    Where do I find the slower version of Sanctuary?

    umm well i don't know about Sanctuary but.... you can get PASSIONS after the battle at this link: http://bluelaguna.net/downloads/mp3s/kh2ostsoundtrack/Disc%202/33%20-%20Passion%20~after%20the%20battle~.mp3 right click on the link and click "save target as" Sorry its not Sanctuary :( I really...