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  1. J

    The Official: Do You Like Sora Or Roxas More?

    ...I don't like either. They're both really annoying. Where's the "niether" option?
  2. J

    maleificent's laugh

    ...Why are we discussing about how a fictional character in a video game sounds when she laughs? Anyway, it's simple. People in Japan are generally much better voice actors than American's.
  3. J

    How beat fire guy?

    Well... My guess is that you have to hit him... That usually works.
  4. J

    Wal mart SUCKS

    Boohoo. 1. I'm grounded 2. I don't get the game until Christmas 3. My PS2 is broken and I cannot afford a new one. You've waited 4 years. You can wait another week or so.
  5. J

    Someone Made A Joke/Spoof of the IGN Review!! (MUST READ!!)

    Why is everyone making a huge fuss over IGN's score? It's just a numerical value that doesn't mean crap. =/
  6. J

    What the crap...?

    Here's a conversation I had with one of my friends during a Google Talk session. How amazing... Friend: Microsoft sucks. Jsnake: If Microsoft sucks, then why are they still selling Xbox and 360 if no one likes them? Friend: Because Microsoft has enough money. Virtual Boy sucked and...
  7. J

    Help! Captain Barbossa fight glitched?

    I don't think a scratch has anything to do with this bug. Scratches only cause hitching and freezing. This is probably a glitch caused by overheating, which happens if you play for about three hours straight.
  8. J

    Help! Captain Barbossa fight glitched?

    If you saved right before the fight, turn your PS2 off and back on. That always fixes glitches 99% of the time.
  9. J

    The Ultimate Paradox!

    The below statement is true. The above statement is false. PARADOX'D! :X
  10. J

    i think kh2 sucks

    I'm not defending him. I just don't think people should insult eachother just because they type poorly. You can't really make him type correctly if he doesn't want to anyway. Also, you could have left the thread alone to begin with and this conversation wouldn't be happening. >_>
  11. J

    i think kh2 sucks

    No, that wasn't sarcasm. That was just mocking someone because they didn't type thier message out the way you wanted them to. And I do understand sarcasm. I got my PhD in awesome with a minor in sarcasm. The truth is, almost everyone on this forum needs to learn grammar. It's disgusting.
  12. J

    i think kh2 sucks

    ...If I understood proper grammar? Dude, I type perfectly. I saw his mistakes. I was just mocking you because you said "Maybe if you used proper grammar, people could read your post". Then I came and said "Uh... Yeah, you just called yourself an idiot, because I can read his post fine".
  13. J

    i think kh2 sucks

    If you really can't read that, you're mentally challenged. I had absolutely no problem reading that. However, I agree with your next sentence.
  14. J

    DOes kh2 get borin after a while

    In a day where most of the current games are absolute crap? Yes, I agree. It's by far not the best though.
  15. J

    DOes kh2 get borin after a while

    Meh... I just happen to like this one game better. It's name? Super Metroid ofcourse. KH2 is a great game, but I've played better.
  16. J

    DOes kh2 get borin after a while

    I disagree, but I won't get into that now. *puts flame sheild up*
  17. J

    DOes kh2 get borin after a while

    Ofcourse. Every game gets boring after awhile. Name one game that doesn't get boring. I cannot awnser your other questions as I do not have the game yet.
  18. J

    Game Cover

    Why would you cry if a fictional character isn't in a random video game? =/ Besides, I'm 99% sure he is.
  19. J

    Zelda freakin' DS

    From IGN: http://ds.ign.com/objects/694/694756.html I can't beleive no one got to this before me. OH CRAP IT'S NAVI! RUN!
  20. J

    Game Cover

    Yeah, but just put some thoughts into your thoughts next time. Besides, that theory is very cliche'.