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    I’d say Shibuya is the one from TWEWY, but a different version or one existing in the future or past from the events of that game. The Reapers Game and such is still intact, just not the characters.
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    Heartbroken that I have to admit this but....

    I don’t yet have this problem with kh2, but I’ve had this problem with KH1 for quite a while. I’m baffled that at 10 years old I was more comfortable with the games camera and mechanics than I am now.
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    Kingdom Hearts 3 First Released Vs Remind Now

    The update certainly made the game better, I might consider replaying some of the game when I have the chance
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    Trying to understand "Shibuya" (Re:Mind spoilers)

    Although I think it would be a huge shock and interesting twist to make the Master of Masters a time traveling old Sora, the next series of games would have to feature a gigantic shift personality-wise for me to believe he could be. Sora being the MoM would also require retconning a huge amount...
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    Classic elements you miss that were not in KH3

    I would’ve liked a drive/summon gauge like KH2 for formchanges and limits. I feel like the pointless adventure from a fragmentary passage would’ve made a better intro/midpoint. Except, rewritten to include Aqua’s escape.
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    Dark Road ► What about Switch?

    I think it’s extremely likely for a DDD2 or a BBS2 to come out on Switch. KH has always been spread across the marketplace like that, and I think a game or two on the Switch or a console GaaS title would be a good bridge over to KH4.
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    Ranking the keyblade wielders from the strongest to the weakest my honest opinion!

    A question, were formchanges or drive forms a result of Sora’s ability? Or a result of the keyblades themselves? I’m unfamiliar with the lore behind this.
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    In your opinion, did ReMind fix the game?

    If you’re talking about the base game, I think it was fixed. The update made the combat a lot easier to control.
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    Dark Road ► Thoughts on How Disney Worlds Will Even Work (RE:MIND Spoilers Warning)

    Maybe they could use some of the Disney television series, like Kim Possible, the Emperors New Groove/School, Gravity Falls, American Dragon, etc. I don’t know if using a Disney television series has ever been touched on, outside of the anthologies that make up Timeless River and Winnie the...
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    KH Fans what are your plans for the future of the franchise? and Will you move on or stay till the end?

    As long as there is continuous build-up for the future of the series, like Project Xehanort and the rumored 3 other titles. But I’ll likely forget about the series if there is another gigantic gap in numbered titles.
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    Would you be in favor of Original/Square Enix worlds in replace of Disney worlds?

    I feel it works out well using mostly Disney worlds, because as soon as you include Square Enix worlds into Kingdom Hearts it alters the lore of those games.
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    Spoilers ► How did TAV do that?

    The Land of Departure is described as being within the Realm Between, they could be instead traveling to the End of Sea. And simply cross the border into the Realm of Darkness.