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    Predictions for Release

    So I got a psp GO for my birthday, solely in preparation for BbS. if its not on the Play station network ill go insane.
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    Audo does crack too...

    why would Ven take ALice's place. It would make more sense if he took Kairi's place as a BwHoPL.
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    The difference between keyblades with/without chains

    Keychains are probably signs that they are keyblade masters. VAT arent masters .--------------no keychains Sora is --------------yes keychains Riku isnt--------------no keychains
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    More Customization

    Xemnas - different colored lightsabers. Xigbar- different kinds of guns( like shotguns, or rifles) Vexen- maybe use some of goofys sheilds( even though that will never happen!!)
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    Everything We Know About 358/2 Days | Xion So Far

    When/ where does it say that I have never heard of that happening
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    Theory on Xion (redone)

    I was wondering how its possible for the story to take place before CoM because didnt CoM take place like 1 day after KH1?
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    Quick Question

    Sorry but i just need to know When Sora stabbs himself to release kairi's heart, those other hearts are the PoH's right? Also, where is Sora's heart during all this? Also, How does Sora return to normal exactly? Thanks.
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    bbs main purpose (theory/question)

    It's about things that are important things
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    Destiny Islands

    This is kind of Random and probably has nothing to do with anything. The name "Destiny Islands" probably has a double meaning because Sora and the gang start their and maybe they'll end up back there. Also we see Terra and Ven on the islands, so maybe they are going to be on the islands again...
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    Roxas/ Xion's Control

    think of it like this guys: When a nobody is created they are destined to turn into one of the types of Nobody's that we've seen. But if their heart is strong enough they retain their human form and keep the powers of that type of Nobody. So maybe it's safe to assume that someone else with a...
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    Roxas/ Xion's Control

    Another thing I thought of was: Does the Organization control the nobodies because they're stronger, or because they just do.
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    Roxas/ Xion's Control

    So what kind of nobody do u think Xion control I thought of this because every Organization member has control over certain kinds of nobody, So i thought, "What about Xion?" Discuss:D!
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    BBS Theory

    Who is Braig??
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    Regarding CoR/Org XIII Data

    what does canon mean
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    Were did Xion Go..?

    Namine could have changed Xion's, and everyone connected to her,memories. Then they fuse together using mega-ultra-super- powers
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    Xion THOUGHT, not theory.

    I actually thought of that at first also. But if u think it through, it kinda dosn't make sense. :P
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    Everything We Know About 358/2 Days | Xion So Far

    why did u move my thread here? [Edit] Xeirei it doesnt really matter if the O,N, and I aren't there. The pronunciation is still the same for each letter
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    Everything We Know About 358/2 Days | Xion So Far

    Xion's Name Well i was thinking about an anogram for Xion and 2 came to mind 1. Oni (Onee) Which means elder sister in japanese:) 2. Oni- Which in Ancient japan was a monster and was a fairytale told to kidsD:< So maybe this is important to Xion because she could be Namine's or Kairi's...
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    What became of CO during KH2?

    I did some research and what i think is that when xemnas was walking down the huge stair case in Hollow Bastion that was the "Room of Sleep" and if u watch this video, YouTube - KH2 Final Mix + scenes 5 , I think that the room of Awakening is in CO