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    Do i need an HDtv to enjoy a ps3

    I'm getting a ps3 for Christmas I was wondering if games will look ok on a standerd def. tv? It will it least look better then the Wii right? Thanks.
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    could coded come out on the itouch/phone

    Do you think Coded should come out on the itouch/phone or do you think that i wouldn't work well, what do you guys think?
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    Unbirths -- The Opposite of Nobodies

    I don't like this theory but it sounds plausible.
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    Rewards1.com get free stuff!

    form closed........................................................
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    Favorite Kingdom Hearts 1 Keyblade

    Ultima Wepon and metal chokobo or however you spell it
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    i am level 60 i cant beat Ansem when you are in the purple pit thing am i a high enough level or should i just keep trying. I am using the oblivion keychain to. thanks for your feed back
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    two words over train I was level 20 when i faced cloud!!!!!!! I had alot of time back then........mabie to much.
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    Last time the podcast "keycast" was mentioned in this form everyone was talking about how much they hated it. If you don't know what it is google "keycast" or serch for it on itunes and listen to it so you will know what I mean. It is an embaresment to the games BUT, most of the reviews on...
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    final mix questions

    I need some advice witch is better a slide card or a magic case (flip top)? (I have a big ps2 not a slim) Thank you for your help. ps. I already havve the game and a swap magic3 disk
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    some one with kh 1 final mix please help!!!

    I just got final mix and this thing called swap magic 3.6 (It's saposed to make import games work without a mod chip) I have a big PS2. So I take of the disk drive rectangle thing off and put the swap magic in, then I used my home made slide card to open my ps2 then I put my game in, but it...
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    what does this mean

    OK..............soon after you get to play as Sora you are introduced to the Organazation 13 one member warps down and is like "You used to give me the same look" witch org. member is this and what does he mean.:bored:
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    some one please tell me how to use a swap magic!!!!!

    Ok.....I got a big ps2 a swap magic3.6 and I made my own slide card. I found directions how to use them. I took off the disk cover thing,inserted swap magic. took out swap magic and it told me to use my slide card to pull somthing over to the left but it didn't work. I,m trying to play KH final...
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    Slide Tool

    Today I finaly got my swap magic 3:) but I figured out that I needed a slide card to use it. I was wondering if thire was a web sight that has a low shiping cost and fast delivery. Thanks!!!:lol:
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    I once got it in the timeless river world. It was kinda funny because I was in the city place so it was like I was a giant.:angry: "I feel so smart my head would explode if I even began to know what I was talking about":sleep:
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    Kingdom Hearts 2 Them played backwards Backwards

    ignore this thred please.