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    Favorite Kingdom Hearts 1 Keyblade

    My personal favorite is Oblivion
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    Organization Members lied!!!

    Ok I watch the scene again were Axel & Roxas had there talk and Axel said that He would soon won't be able to talk to him in his consciousness and maybe thats why there discussion ended Axel with his tear since that both of them are talking to each other (In Roxas' consciousness) they might have...
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    Organization Members lied!!!

    What has left in Kingdom Hearts? The Power of emotions, the rage of burning Hearts, the scars of Envy, the quivering of hatred
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    Organization Members lied!!!

    No that is not Xemnas' memories, just like what I said at the beginning Xemnas used what was left of Kingdom Hearts' to fight Sora and to have a new form so he could continue to fight him
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    Organization Members lied!!!

    What I think of this is that the reason why Nobodies show emotion is to trow off their pursuers into thinking that they have emotions so they can mislead their enemies
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    Organization Members lied!!!

    The Reason why Xemnas said "Anger & Hate are supreme" is because Xemnas uses what is left of Kingdom Hearts's power to summon the emotions of rage and hatred and take on a new form to fight Sora and his friends
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    roxas sketch

    That symbol was actually the crown symbol thge one where Sora opens a new world and the symbol starts glowing from the ground
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    Mickey's "letter"

    if thats true then how come it never said it was for Minnie, I mean look in all letters theres suppose to be a To: (Name of Person) at the top and From (Who ever made it) at the bottom
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    Ansem the Wise

    You forgot about Even-Vexen-Chilly Academic
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    Mickey's "letter"

    One time when I was at The Disney Castle I examined something on the table of the library and it said it was a letter for somebody and I think that must be the letter but you can't see the letterings though.
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    Hello I'm new Here

    Hey their the names Xephr Darkwind but you can call me Xephr and its great to be in this forum ^^