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    Strength or Magic?

    I go for both of then, but you cant leave magic alone, since it helps a lot. when you are facing a lot of nobodies, magnet and thunder are a life saver, reflect helps too, mostly against bosses.
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    which game do you think is more fun?

    I like Re:CoM more, because you have to think before acting, and its harder.
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    Sora's heartless weak?

    I was writting when he posted Thanks, its makes sense now.
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    Sora's heartless weak?

    Xehanort heartless didnt have a body, he only got one after using Riku's. If so, why does Xemnas and Xehanort heartless(aka Ansem), are strong?
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    No they arent. Seph moves in KH1 is slower compared to KH2 Seph, but if you consider Sora moviment and abilities limits, it becomes a lot harder, thats why people say he is harder.
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    BBS's Battle System

    It seens a bit confusing, but it may get easier once you get the hang of it.
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    BBS's Battle System

    Just like parasite eve 1, you have a action bar that must fill before attacking, but I may be wrong, since its only on some pics.
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    BBS's Battle System

    In the pic, I dont see cards. It seens you dont need to have a card for attack but its possible to see a bar under the "Command". What I mean, is that its probably turn based for you to attack, use magic, heal or anything, while running around.
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    kh2 fm boss terra

    the first time you get the proof of...(forgot the name) and a crown, after that, if I recall correctly, you receive a sinth item(forgot the name).
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    kh2 fm boss terra

    just keep on fighting against Xemmas and Axel/Roxas data to get Power and Magic up, at lvl99 its very easy to win against Xemmas data, therefore, get to +85str
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    Final Boss on Proud mode

    KH2FM+ have this without cheats, anyway, you should try as low as you can. I did it once in the american version with no growth abilities at level 40, but it could be lower(I leveled like 3 levels to kill xaldin, took me lot of tries). Also dont forget to add the rules that gungonx told.
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    Secret Area in Hallow Bastion/Radiant Garden?

    its called Cavern of Rememberance, only available in FM+
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    Hey guyz, Im having some hard times to defeat him. Does anyone know a good strategy to defeat him? From his various attacks, the one I have more problem is that roulette that keeps on killing me every time. Any tips and thanks.
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    At what event do you think BBS took place?

    You have a good point there Adamus, I think that its in the middle, and resulted in a new enemy(or old, if you get what I mean).
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    most amazing hack I have ever seen so far.

    Very nice, thats why KH:CoM was a nice game, you could play as Riku. It would be nice if they made bosses playeble
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    100 % E.S. Strategy

    nice guide, and you should add that most of his attacks, like the combo and the keyblade bow is easier to evade by using reflect, even if it doenst hit him back. anyway you did a good work there
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    Which boss was most Hard/annoying

    Demyx for sure, it was damn annoying to kill these water clones
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    Favorite Kingdom Hearts 1 Keyblade

    I go for the Kingdom Key.
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    You beat KH2 with just the kingdom key;no drive forms through the whole game

    Congrats, but you should add a No Heal to make it harder(a lot harder). I personally tried it myself, but I became tired of keep on dieing, especially agaisnt Xaldin, so I gave up(Im just too lazy to try these things myself).
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    Most fun boss to fight?

    I liked Hades and Riku IV in Sora's story, and in Riku's story, I liked Lexaus(right spelling?).