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    re: xehanort/terra theory

    Re: xehanort/terra theory I assume you meant "kook" or "cock", because right now I have an image of MX wielding a large saucepan and wearing a chef hat.
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    Did you..?

    I adored Chain of Memories. Before I bought it I was sceptical on the card system, but since it was an instalment in the Kingdom Hearts series, I had to buy it. Totally worth it.
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    ...OR it could be that Nomura is simply a lazy character designer.
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    Demyx, Xaldin and Xigbar don't get nearly enough screentime...

    I mean, seriously, they're barely there. Xigbar seems to be the only KHII-revealed Org member (bar Xemnas, of course) with any apparent over-arching plot significance - with his hints towards the "other three" before his battle - and he's eliminated shortly thereafter. Demyx is just awesome and...
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    Help/Support ► Needs some help with this question

    We're not special, we won't go anywhere when we die (other than an urn/the ground/a box) and there is no God. I have no superstitions or belief in concepts such as 'luck' etc; the only vaguely paranormal thing I do believe in is the existence of alien life, since I find it pretty arrogant to...
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    Deep Dive - A tribute of sorts

    I've been watching Deep Dive continuously today and this piece is essentially a transcript of that masterpiece - sans the beach, cryptic utterings and Mickey. I'm sure you can figure out what "the key" and "the blind one" allude to. --------------------- Deep Dive The anguish of a forgotten...
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    Marluxia's plan??

    He must have been something special to attain Lordship over Castle Oblivion.
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    Why is Xemnas a bad guy again?

    Considering the countless amounts of hearts that were stolen to (re)create Kingdom Hearts, I'd say Xemnas is a bit of a dick. On top of the whole "NOTHING IS ETEEEEEEEERNAL!" shtick.
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    How did Sora, Donald and Goofy get to.....

    This, put simply.
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    Returning after... 3 or 4 years.

    Too long. I supremely doubt anyone still remembers me (the generic Username doesn't help), but I was around back in the days when no one really knew what the hell Deep Dive meant, the vast majority of the Organization were unknown quantities and I actually made a theory that Axel was Sora's...
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    Should they change the drive for Final Mix?

    "Not that good a gamer?" Sir, you wound me. I've been playing games for a good six to eight years, from Scrabble to Shadow of the Colossus. And lest you bade yourself forget - I merely express my opinion and my own (apparent) expertise. You may think I sound really full of myself, I assure you...
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    KH2 Final Mix discussion

    Well, excluding Final Fantasy: Tactics and the FFXI: Chains of Promathia (which aren't REAL FFs in the normal sense of speaking), you are, indeed, correct. The question I'm asking is: Why bring it out abroad from Japan when the original's been released already? Why not just release Final Mix as...
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    The "I got Kingdom Hearts 2" Thread - Euro Launch!

    Bought it launch day, before any of my friends (HA!). In 2 words - magnificently unsurpassable. In an extra word - stunning. In a fourth word - beautiful. It took me 40 hours to complete, and an extra 25 I have spent trying to complete Jiminy's Journal. By the way, I was on Proud. I have heard...
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    Should they change the drive for Final Mix?

    Too easy? Have you played Proud Mode? My only complaints with this masterpiece of a game is... The 1000 Heartless Battle is FAR too easy. Bring back the Behemoths, make it about 5000... then we'll have a challenge. Or rather, the Japanese will have a challenge... As for the Drive debate...
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    Summon Form?

    This is a little thing I found on Wikipedia. Sorry if it's a little old, but I'm behind with the times on KHFM II news. This is what is stated about this "Rumoured New Form": "Summon Form (Only in Final mix+ of Kingdom Hearts II) (fused with both) able to use summons in the form but not the...
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    Official Australian and European KH2 discussion

    Six Hours And Counting Guys! We've waited TOO damn long for this game! 5 hours 58 minutes to go! OUR SALVATION IS AT HAND! FOUR YEARS!! FOUR DAMN YEARS!! BUT NOW, IN SIX HOURS TIME, IT WILL BE OURS! I WILL FORGIVE SQUARE FOR SUCH A LONG DAMN WAIT, AND I WILL PLAY AND PLAY AND PLAY!! That's about...
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    Kingdom Hearts 2 European Release Date Discussion

    YEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I FEEL GOOOOD!! Thanks people from outside for wishing us Euros well, we love you (at least I do :) I feel so great! And that video is great!
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    Official Australian and European KH2 discussion

    DID YOU JUST SAY POWYS?!? Oh my god, I live there! Brecon, woo! FIFA?!? That can't compare to Kingdom Hearts! Besides, Pro Evo is waaaay better. DAMN YOU EA SPORTS! How many days left? I've only just realised it's out on the 29th! I've got a tenner ready, only £30 to go! I'll have to save with...
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    Fanfiction ► Apocalypse

    This isn't really a FAN Fiction. It's an Original Piece, created by je moi. Well, I sincerely hope you enjoy the Prologue... Apocalypse Prologue 1553, Heasaf He stood motionless at the black gates. His untidy jet-black hair swirled wildly in the strong winds. His black cloak unfolded around...