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    Kingdom Hearts II manga volume 2

    I have the KH2 vol. 2 manga. A friend bought it for me for my birthday. Right now it's in the process of being borrowed... But if you want, I can give you scans of it once I get it back... It is in English, by the way.
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    Original Org. member's names.

    Isn't there already a thread like this? (Unless it got removed and I didn't notice...) Just asking. Dun et meh plz.
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    Why was it easy?

    ^lulz. Who knows, in the next game that involves them, they might actually do that.
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    Luxord cool but a loser

    ...Luxord was stuffy. D8 But the battle against him wasn't so bad. I was confused at first, but got the hang of it soon. The only that I could safely say disappointed me, was the one with Saix. It wasn't exactly bad, but it was just extremely easy compared to some of the others. (I hope that...
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    Everything We Know About Birth By Sleep So Far

    Re: Will BBS be a good or bad game? Liek, omFg EEt Es SucH an AweSum gaMe eEt toTaLLy pWnZZzZ!!!! LAWLZ! ...But I can't say that. However, knowing me, I highly doubt that I'm going to say that after playing it. (If I do, sombebody please shoot me in the face. I beg you.) As for what I think...
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    I do believe a proper introduction is in order...

    Lookit meh, I'm a wee 'lil noob! That I am. Hello there, I've been wondering around these boards for a bit, but I don't believe I've properly introduced myself. My name's Erika, or Yume, depending on whatever you would like to call me. I like do draw (although... I suck...majorly...), take...
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    Bad Carma

    Yes, I know it's spelled with a 'K', but the title refers to the main character's terrible luck with vehicles (as well as my own... but that's a different story altogether). This is actually around the third or fourth chapter of the story, but you're not missing much (and the first other...