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    aqua's new look

    Well have fun with your images and what not...so much for the thread.......
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    aqua's new look

    Ah my apologies, I tend to over look things some times and read them too fast so I end up missing important key words. Totally out of context, but there should be more Aqua art (fanart, whatever).
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    aqua's new look

    Au contraire, my dear..I'm sure a fair share of the people on the forum do know what that is... it's funny though what this thread has changed into.
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    WTF moments in Kingdom Hearts....2!

    Atlantica made me lol And Aeirth's voice was death. I wanted to strangle things whenever I heard her voice.
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    Terra and Aqua and Ven

    The only "good" pictures khinsider has so far are those of the promo poster, that have their pictures some what enlarged. High Quality TGS 07 Pictures! - Kingdom Hearts Insider
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    Keyblade Mix-up

    I think your reasons have the most logic to them. The things you said are pretty much true.
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    The answer to Aqua,Terra,Ven (I think)

    I agree with your statement.
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    The Kingdom Hearts 2 Musical

    Thanks. I would really like to see a high budget musical one day, that would be awesome!
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    The Kingdom Hearts 2 Musical

    Thanks, you know it was from listening to Marly's themes that I got the idea of a ballet. lol
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    The Kingdom Hearts 2 Musical

    Maybe they'll make a real high budget musical one day. That would make a pretty penny, even if they don't show it for very long. The fact that some people made a musical already made my day, it also made me laugh. Now if they made a ballet, that would be hysterical.
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    What was the worst thing that happen to you in KH2

    I got stuck in beast's world so i just decided to start over, because by then I had already seen the secret ending on youtube.
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    What was the worst thing that happen to you in KH2

    I think I can beat that. Half way into TWTNW I decided I wanted to play the game in proud so that I could see the secret ending. I started the new game, but u see when I save i usally do it automatically on the 1st file, so I saved over the game file that i was close to beating with a new game...
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    New Keyblade Question

    As for the link, I couldn't tell what "winner's proof" is, it doesn't specify what it is. Now that I remember the scan of what you get from the mushrooms, I couldn't have known that it says "winner's proof" because of the simple fact that I can't read japanese. So we'll just have to wait untill...
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    New Keyblade Question

    I thought it was called "Winner's Proof", I dunno read it somewhere...I should probably look into that...hmmmm...*scratches head* This is what I meant (scroll to the bottom): Kingdom Hearts Insider - Mushroom XIII
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    Enigmatic Soldier's Name

    I read in another thread several translations of Kairi's name and there was one that was somewhat related to the ocean so there might a mild connection between her and Aqua, but its possible that it's not very direct. We can't be sure anyway, until more information is revealed. And besides in...
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    U.E.M's Keyblade [Secret Trailer]

    Maybe not, but it's possible that they are tied to the heart since that's kinda where a keyblade resides. So maybe they are a part of a person's heart, and not so much a vessel that contains one. *shrugs* :confused:
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    Enigmatic Soldier Questions

    Actually you don't have to go so far to easily find the vid. I found a link in another thread, that's where I saw the vid. the link redirects you to youtube where you can see the vid of the ES. Here's a link :YouTube - KH2FM+ Knight (ES) Defeated *CRITICAL MODE* that one shows what you get...
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    Enigmatic Soldier Questions

    Yeah its on Youtube, just search for it.