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    KH2 cover

    the pics are a little shaky, but still awesome! aaaggggflaaghhaaaa 8 days!
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    What is your plan for KH Day 2006? :D

    ok, like TSK im homeschooled so i hope that i can have no school that day. If so, i will go down to Game Crazy (ride my bike if i have to) and pick up KH2. Then go home, and play until my mom wont let me anymore. Next day; finish school fast, play rest of the day. Repeat second day over the...
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    Official Countdown Thread.

    22 days, 0 hrs, 24 mins. CST YEEEEEEAAAAAAHHHH!!!!!1
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    hey, does anyone know where i can put this out on the web? like can i do it @ khi or some other kh website?
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    is it possible?

    ramen is awesome bt my mom wont let me have it cuz its 'high in sodium'. i dont really care, it tastes good! i guess ill get my fill in college tho.
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    Official Countdown Thread.

    24 days 13hr 20 min till release CST!
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    guide or no?

    im gonna get the guide definately. probly not right away bcuz of money, but im gonna get it. hopefully goin to get the LE cuz i like posters. do you have to preorder the LE?
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    Cardboard Cutout

    havent seen it but would love to buy it! if you find out tell me.
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    yeah, i guess. but it would be nice to have like a cutscene you can unlock and select from the menu so you dont have to watch it but you can if you want to.
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    Kingdom Hearts II/Kingdom Hearts Observation

    i hadnt really thought about it, but after seeing the side-by-side kh2 is WAY better! i didnt think the camera was taht bad once i got used to it.
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    KH2 pre-ordered !! :D

    wow, and i thought po'in mine in november was early.
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    co-op mode?

    what do you think, will there be co-op in kh3? edit; if there is kh3? the first question was assuming people, gosh.
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    good Q's, thnx. do you want cred?
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    cool. thnx for the input. did you want credit for the name thing? cuz im puttin it in the faq.
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    Original drives?

    hm, good point. maybe stuf like wisdom then.
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    Are you going to be one of those people?

    well the guy said that they shelve it like the day after but i bet i can walk in and say i have a preorder and they might go in the back and crack the box to get one out for me. or maybe imjust dreming.
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    Are you going to be one of those people?

    hmmmm... good question. thats just what i was told but i didnt mntion that i preordered it... and since they just hold it in the back anyway... heck im gonna be at game crazy on march 28th!
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    Original drives?

    um, the 1st game is already out and no drives were in it. so how would this make it more fun?
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    Original drives?

    no, but its a cool thinker and/or imo topic. i think it was probly like a brave form but with magic.
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    Are you going to be one of those people?

    yeah, i have to wait till the 29th too. unless they do some kind of same-day special.