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  1. ultimateplatypuz

    What even are Unversed?

    Yeah, I was wondering where they went.
  2. ultimateplatypuz

    What even are Unversed?

    Ah, got it. Thanks. more characters because character minimum.
  3. ultimateplatypuz

    What even are Unversed?

    The story gives us a good explanation for Heartless and Nobodies, but I don't remember ever hearing an explanation for the Unversed (that may just be my awful memory, though). So, is it ever explained what they are, or how they were made?
  4. ultimateplatypuz

    358 1/2 Days and Coded Movies

    Days is like my 4th favorite, so it frustrated me a bit. I think the reason I liked it so much was because the manga for it was really flipping good in my opinion.
  5. ultimateplatypuz

    358 1/2 Days and Coded Movies

    Ah, fair enough. I'm not entirely educated in this area so my bad.
  6. ultimateplatypuz

    Pixar Worlds?

    Okay, so originally I thought it'd be impossible for Pixar movies to be in KH, since it's not technically Disney. Then I remembered about how Buzz and Woody were supposed to be summons in the first Kingdom Hearts, so I'm not sure. I mean, I'd love to see a Pixar world, I'm just not entirely sure...
  7. ultimateplatypuz

    Frozen likely, Ralph not

    Hear me out, guys...we already have Tangled and Big Hero 6 confirmed. They both use the same exact style of animation. Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but the only other two Disney movies to use that style are Frozen and Wreck-it Ralph (at least, non-Pixar Disney.) Now, my only troubles with...
  8. ultimateplatypuz

    358 1/2 Days and Coded Movies

    At first when I was thinking about this, I thought how this didn't make sense. I was just thinking, "Oh, but BBS was on portable too!" I failed to realize that BBS was still on a Sony portable, which probably made it easier, and the other two were Nintendo.
  9. ultimateplatypuz

    Who else thought Ventus was Roxas at first?

    My brother still calls him Roxas even though I've told him no so many times.
  10. ultimateplatypuz

    Hardest Organization 13 member?!?!

    Xaldin, considering how impossible it was to hit him. Demyx comes in at a close second, considering how gimmicky his battles were. I actually didn't find Xigbar hard at all. If you block, they'll just bounce back and deal him damage. He was probably the easiest in my opinion. Roxas was also...
  11. ultimateplatypuz

    358 1/2 Days and Coded Movies

    Oh, I never saw many advertisements, I just knew they were coming out. My bad. ...It's still stupid though.
  12. ultimateplatypuz

    358 1/2 Days and Coded Movies

    So I got a PS3 for Christmas, along with 1.5 and 2.5. I was so excited to play 358 1/2 Days, as it was one of my favorites, and Coded because I had never played it. So I decided to start with coded, and noticed the cutscene was very long. Like, abnormally long even for KH. After a while, I...
  13. ultimateplatypuz

    How did you fall in love with Kingdom Hearts?

    I would always watch my brother play it, and last year I got a PS3 to play the remixes.
  14. ultimateplatypuz

    I'm new hey

    Introducing myself... BBS is my favorite game ever. Vetus is my favorite character. I also enjoy Pokemon and Super Smash Bros. (if anyone wants to play SSB4 message me) I'm watching the awful 358 1/2 days movie right now. That's about it. If anyone has any questions about me or something, feel...