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  1. Xera Highwind

    Subtle difference I noticed.

    I always fight Selphe. You get 2 tech with every hit, and her second attack gives 3. She's also much easier to deflect than both Tidus AND Wakka.
  2. Xera Highwind

    News ► Playstation JP reveals KINGDOM HEARTS HD 1.5 + 2.5 Main Menu

    Can anyone translate what it says by the triangle at the bottom?
  3. Xera Highwind

    Aqua Play Arts Kai from KINGDOM HEARTS HD 2.8 FCP Revealed!

    I find it odd that it says 2.8 Aqua yet she doesn't have the Masters Keeper.
  4. Xera Highwind

    New Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 FCP Wallscroll to be Released Mid-October

    I never really cared for this specific artwork, I always assumed it was just for that one event a little bit ago. Considering this is going to be released to the public will most likely mean this art will be on the game's cover. Imo, I'd much rather have some Nomura art just like every other...
  5. Xera Highwind

    Little connection between DDD and Chi.

    After rewatching the opening to DDD I realized the entire scene is the book of prophecies. First, it starts out with the pages turning to a pop-up Destiny Island, like the Station of Awakening in Chi, starting out by summoning warriors from the past. After it goes up in time a little, it...
  6. Xera Highwind

    New Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Screenshots Show Off Unreal Engine 4

    I'm just wondering what normal Terra was doing in the realm of darkness? Maybe so much time has passed for her that he's already been recovered and he's saving her, but I feel like them meeting whould have been for dramatic if that was the case
  7. Xera Highwind

    KHIII and KH2.8 on PS4k/NEO

    I am aware that the is no official announcement for the PS4K/NEO but there are some sources that seem reliable, I'll be referencing this one:Sony’s upgraded 'Neo' PS4 will reportedly have smoother games and better graphics | The Verge If this is real that would mean both KHIII and KH2.8 would...
  8. Xera Highwind


    After playing the new Platinum Demo:Final Fantasy XV, I realized how much inspiration Square Enix took from Kingdom Hearts. The battle system flows a lot like Kingdom Hearts and the 2nd area (where Noctis is mini) even looks a lot like Castle of Dreams on Ventus' story, with the stacked books as...
  9. Xera Highwind

    How did Maleficent obtain the princess' hearts?

    In Birth By Sleep Maleficent begins her search for the Princesses of Heart when Terra releases Aurora's. She then mentions that the keyblade is nessessary for obtaining the Hearts of pure light. She then has almost all of them when KH1 starts. How did she achieve this? There was no one with the...
  10. Xera Highwind

    What exactly is Xehanort's goal?

    Before the events in BBS, Xehanort trained Ventus so he could become his new vessel,but it failed. So he split Ven's heart into pure light and darkness sothey could one day battle and create his own personal Kingdom Hearts... But why does he even want to do that? It's never really explained...
  11. Xera Highwind

    "Pete - The Studio Mascot" in the credits

    It may be referring to a man named Pete, not the Disney character.
  12. Xera Highwind

    Japanese Playthrough

    I imported the Final Mixes before the remakes were made. I did beat all three of them but now that the remixes are localized, I wouldn't go back.
  13. Xera Highwind

    How hard is the Lingering Will?

    You should definitely be lvl. 99. Also, I'd recommend watching this. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=CGIaJ6TJA4w Using Limit forms basic combo is also the "key" to beating the battle.
  14. Xera Highwind

    Best area to use exp Walker before the first drop?

    You can stick some tape on the analog and one of the back buttons (or right analog if you have circle pad pro). The you'll run in a circle. There you go!
  15. Xera Highwind

    Will D23 be streamed?

    So as of now, it is a little under 11 hours until the Kingdom Hearts event. I can't wait! Anyways, I was wondering if it was gonna be streamed somewhere and if so, where? I wanna watch it live.
  16. Xera Highwind

    Malificent and Pete's power in the Data escape?

    Last night I watched the cutscenes from Re:coded, and I was really confused about two things: 1.Why can Maleficent just randomly appear in the data escape when Pete yells her name? She was not there when Data-Riku summoned them. 2.Pete was summoned to the Data escape the same way as Mickey...
  17. Xera Highwind

    The Future of Terra

    I still believe Terra is going to be a Guardian of Light, even though he isn't said to be one very often. I was thinking about the situation he was currently in, as being Xehanort's vessel and all. Then I realized, imo, what has happened to him. First, let's talk about what has already...
  18. Xera Highwind

    Biggest mystery in the KH series.

    That fight actually isn't hard at all. The reaction command comes up after the clones take one hit. So attack once, use rc and it kills most clones on screen. Quite simple, right?
  19. Xera Highwind

    KH2.8 - How will you start it?

    I am just curious as to what order everyone will play through 2.8 and why. I personally am going to begin with -0.2-, x Back Story, then through DDD again since I am dying to play that new engine myself... And aqua is extremely sexy in it. XD
  20. Xera Highwind

    Eraqus is also from Destiny Islands.

    I always thought that the chess game between Xehanort and Eraqus was at The Land of Departure or Cable Town but upon closer investigation, I realized that Xehanort is younger there than he was in the opening of KHBBS, before he decides to leave the islands. So does that mean that the chess game...