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    green drive form

    the form idea of alchemist drive is very intersesting in deed. and i agree with the form using the envoirnment fusing with the extra charecter sounds cool and the most likely thing that will happen. that will add a who part and strategy to the game if they decided to pump up the heartless...
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    the letter

    hokayyyyyyyyyyyyyy whats up with Square and fricken leaving us a letter that we never get to see after almost all the games my bro had a theory and he said because square doesnt even have an idea...
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    Was Pete really necessary in this game?

    pete is am good addition i think in squares part
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    how do you feel?

    In the screenshots of KH2 i saw that Sora was fighting an insane amount of heartless how do you feel about taking all of those heartless down? would you save your game berfore those battles to play them again that would be awsome!!!!!! KH2 comming soon in 18...
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    KH2 rated T

    yeah i agree
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    Ideas of KH2 that never made it past the drawing board. *Spoilers maybe*

    I wanna see zell from ffy8!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    What about Sepphie?!!

    We all know that sephie was defeated in the collesseum BUT WHAT ABOUT KH2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is sepheroth gonna return to kick Soras a$$? I have seen almost all the KH2 trailors but no sign of sepheroth exept for him fighting with cloud for like 3 seconds!:mad:
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    Does any one know how the other order members die

    hell you spoiled it u a$$ole
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    Does any one know how the other order members die

    teah what the hell we wanted to play it dumnut!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    new mini games ???

    what new mini games do you think kh2 is going to have besides skateboarding with BHK?
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    big success

    kingdom hearts was a great success and now people love the game. did you have any doubts about the realese 4 kingdom hearts 2 before it was officially said or did u play the 1st game and you were suprised at how good it was?
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    Have anyone of you...

    that would be dumb
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    Jump fista 06!

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    Jump fista 06!

    have you voted on the poll
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    Jump fista 06!

    dude! or dudet i want to see the trailor so bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Jump fista 06!

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    Jump fista 06!

    well the 06 is kool right!
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    Jump fista 06!

    Even though i havnt downloaded it i havnt heard or seen a thread on it yet i am so mad because i havnt downloaded it yet and i think its gonna be a long and good one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So if you have info plz come to this thread!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Passion PLANIT T Remix Here

    if you want it download some and if you like it go for the rest!