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    Help/Support ► Quick question

    Here ya go- TeenHelp.org Homepage
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    Help/Support ► suicide, guy, azn, love, idk.

    I don't know if you know his name or not, but if you or your friends do, then maybe you could find out he has some type of social networking stie like Myspace, Facebook, etc. so you can stay in contact with him, since he lives far away from you.
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    Help/Support ► My Rival.

    I always wanted to know how it is to have a rival or at least someone to compete with me outside of actual competitions, but sadly I never had that experience. It's probably because I lack the motivation.
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    Walmart Employee killed on Black Friday

    I don't know if this has been posted up already but here's the article: Worker dies at Long Island Wal-Mart after being trampled in Black Friday stampede
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    Larxene, Lexeuas, Luxord and Demyx
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    Hello, I made Aqua´s gameplay-graphics

    That's really good, great attempt.
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    The World Ends With You | It's A Wonderful World

    Re: It's a Wonderful World I definitely have to get this game when it comes out...even though, I don't know much about the game. I just love the urban look of the characterrs and the setting.
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    Best voices

    I liked Rikku's voice, Roxas was better then I expected, I liked Yuffie's voice in the first kingdom hearts then the secondone (it was still ok though), and I liked most of the disney characters voices since most were the same voice actors from the movies.
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    Favorite minor character?

    Yuffie Ariel YRP Simba Mulan Daisy
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    Is It Just Me ??

    Well if you did all of the secret and extra stuff along with the main storyline stuff, KH2 would seem a bit more longer then KH1, well at least I thought I thought it was longer/harder.
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    things in kh that kh2 missed.

    Some of those things people might be glad that they got rid of like the camera angles and gummi ships, but whatever.
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    atlantica, port royal which is next?

    Um what?:confused: And thanks for the info, at first I wasn't sure so I just went to Atlantica since it had a very lower battle level(wasn't it like 0?) but then I found out it was optional.:D
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    Simple poll

    Axel is probably gone like the other members, but I guess they can fit him back in somehow with the next story.
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    Should the Other Original Org Names Be Revealed

    I could care less, but it would good to know their real names.
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    Best Form

    I liked wisdom form the best, it was fun shooting and sliding at the same time.
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    how did you get KH2?

    I rented it, since I didn't know how good it would be.
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    kh2 game off the net

    Hey um to ya'll tellin him to buy the game, people in Europe and Australia don't got the game and his location says Aussie so he probably lives in AUSTRALIA which is why he wanted to download the game or like whatever.
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    giving kh2 a bad reputation...

    Um hun, that wasn't really a diss and to the topic creator, no offense but get over it. Not everyone likes or in some people's cases are obsessed with KH.:cool:
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    nobody and org similarities

    There were a couple threads about this a while back like this one http://forums.khinsider.com/showthread.php?t=53523 I also think I heard someoone say once the COM organization members died they were like um "transferred" or created someof the new nobodies, like Larxene and the dancer nobodies...
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    Kingdom Hearts II?

    Well I ain't getting sick of the game/story(since I hardly think about it) but this forum however....:rolleyes: But seriously this forum is kinda has spam, flames by some of the older members, and there are the same topics over and over being posted but what can you do?