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    Miss Anything From KH1?

    I'm going to agree with everyone here in that I seriously miss the puzzles and easter eggs that KH1 had, but there's another one I really miss: mushroom heartless. As fun as it is to try and spin a Mushroom XIII until it vomits prizes on you, I prefer having a horde of white mushrooms to cast...
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    Favorite Playable Characters?

    I wanted to get to know the other members of the forum better, and what best way to do that than by learning who other forum contributors like to play as! I'd like to hear a little reasoning too though, be it storyline or just general gameplay! I'll start with Terra, by saying that I found...
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    the akashic records are experiencing technical difficulties. please try again later

    Everyone is, and always was Xehanort. I'm Xehanort, you're Xehanort, the mods are Xehanort- heck, even the lurking anons are Xehanort. I'd be appalled if it wasn't revealed that the X-Blade was secretly Xehanort too. -Sora, probably So I decided to jump on this crazy train after lurking through...