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    Quick questio/concern

    My friend just used my phone number for one of those download sites that requires a survey apparently. I didn't believe him till i got a text which i believe to be due to the survey. ] It says something about $9.99/month....did he just add to my phone bill? Or is it asking me if I wanna pay...
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    What features do you want in BBS, v.2?

    That's more like a special edition of KH, seeing as it has the entire original game on the disc. I wouldn't view it as DLC, but that's my opinion.
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    What features do you want in BBS, v.2?

    I would hate it if they added DLC....I'm already going to pay nearly $50 for a (most likely) handheld game, I don't want to pay an extra $10-20 for DLC I definitely want to replay bosses though. If they can fit it on a UMD/Disc, larger worlds with more spacious areas in them
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    Who all wants BBS for the PS3?

    I don't think they'll ever make a KH game with that kind of graphics style simply because of all the disney characters and worlds in the game
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    2 new sigs

    Comments and critique? Thanks :P
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    Youtube Hoaxer! Don't be fooled!

    How bout you buy the actual game when it comes out instead of trying to pirate it anyways?
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    Birth By Sleep Special edition confirmed for over 12 countries!

    I'm doubting that the US is getting one :/
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    c4d work

    Ok, so this is kinda a work in progress right now, but... I'm new to c4d and am having trouble finding help. Is there an easy way to smooth out connections or something like that? As you can see, each segment of the red/blue looks like a separate object, and I'd like to even them up. Also, I'm...
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    Kingdom Key Chain....?

    You do realize you just contradicted yourself in the same sentence, right? He has his answer, so how bout we post somewhere else?
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    First (ish) sig

    v1 v2 I've never really tried to make any sigs that look nice till now (look at my current one :P) so here it is, me actually trying a lil harder. Looks kinda empty to me, but I dunno where to go, which is why I am here, so tear it apart! By the way, right now I'm trying to not use anyone's...
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    explanation for english aqua's voice, proof/footage

    I kinda like the japanese VA better. The english VA was ok, but in a few parts (from what we have seen already) her voice was kinda...meh? (And I have met a few japanese women that had a high voice like that, though they were more like...16ish)
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    Kingdom Key Chain....?

    I don't think it means "Mickey" i think it means "Disney" Not everything in the game has to heave some deep symbolism. Mickey's and Sora's keyblade are opposites i believe though.
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    Kingdom hearts final mix

    DON'T JUDGE ME!!! Yeah, I'm cheap, so I play the gba version :P
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    Kingdom hearts final mix

    Re: CoM is only a standalone game in the U.S. , so yeah, you can buy it. Or play it on a gba emulator.
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    Kingdom hearts HD remake?!?!?

    They wouldn't remake the game, they'd just have it in 720p or whatever, just like the GOW collection. I also agree that ign only cares about T-M games (almost)
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    What about the impact Nomura promised us?

    Hopefully they only put the minor games on Nintendo systems. I really don't think they're gonna stick with nintendo for the main games in the series.
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    Installing windows xp from Linux

    I had to format my computer by installing linux, and now i want to re-install xp. I have the disc, but I dunno what to do when I insert it in the drive. If I insert the cd and then turn the computer on and go to boot disk, i get a blue screen. I'm guessing I need to boot it while Linux is...
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    Whats the big deal with Spoilers anyway?

    We would know enough by basing it off of gameplay videos, and the past games of the series. And OP, of course spoiling the game matters. If you're halfway through a book, someone comes up to you and summarizes the ending for you, what's the point in reading it? You already know what happens...
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    BBS did better than Mario games (in BbS's opening weekend)

    Re: BBS did better than Mario games Hate to say it, but most Mario games that come out aren't very good, with the exception of a few. How would Halo beat KH? The only thing it has that is better than any KH game is multiplayer, because they aren't built for great multiplayer. Face it, you...
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    A 1GB memory stick - is that good?

    Should be, though the data install will take up over half of your memory card, i think it's a 600mb install