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  1. Magnus

    Final Fantasy XIV

    I'm so happy we got the male viera reveal! Fun fact, there is a scythe for Black Mages that you can buy with special currency in Eulmore.
  2. Magnus

    Final Fantasy VII Remake Megathread - Intergrade, Rebirth, Reunion and more

    I'm disappointed that the Yuffie DLC will come as a bloody voucher and not be on disc. Square Enix have been a terrible disappointment in regards to video game preservation in recent years.
  3. Magnus

    who else like final fantasy 13, its songs, music, gameplay, story? etc

    I like Lightning, Sazh and Fang. I had fun with the game, but it's not a favourite of mine. However, I also don't think it's as bad as some people make it out to be. The sequel is much better though. I wish they'd kept the original vocal themes. Not a fan of the idea of just picking a random...
  4. Magnus

    Final Fantasy VIII Remastered coming 2019!!

    PS3/PS4/PS5/PSP/Vita games are region free. DLC is not, but this game doesn't have any.
  5. Magnus

    Final Fantasy XIV

    I'd recommend sticking with the Free Trial until you've beaten Heavensward and its post-game patches, and tried out all of the jobs. Being able to grind nearly all of them up to level 60 for free is amazing and you should take advantage of it for the jobs that appeal to you. Glamour is...
  6. Magnus

    Final Fantasy XIV

    Sadly, we're not on the same data centre - but there are a lot of good videos on YouTube telling you about things you might have missed (although be careful about spoilers). There are some good ones for basic rotations as well. But a few tips from me: - As soon as you unlock you Chocobo...
  7. Magnus

    Final Fantasy - "And so their quest began"

    Memory of Heroes now has an official translation, with updated English names of the four warriors of light: Setro - Warrior Zauver - Thief Teol - Black Mage Flora - White Mage
  8. Magnus

    Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered

    I feel like Square Enix have handled this release very poorly. Co-op is limited to online, dungeons only and is region locked on top of that. Add to that the lack of a physical copy with English support, and no dual audio either. Yet they're charging a premium for it. Meanwhile Capcom keeps...
  9. Magnus

    Final Fantasy III - "crystal tower masochism"

    The PSP version is the one to get. No need for wi-fi or friend codes to get the Onion Knight armour in that one. Plus it has a handy fast forward feature! It got a physical release in Japan and is 100% in English.
  10. Magnus

    Final Fantasy XV

    The Steam version has now sold over 1m copies, being the second FF game to ever do so (not counting FFXIV, which is harder to track due to Free Trial users).
  11. Magnus

    Final Fantasy VIII Remastered coming 2019!!

    I doubt this game will feature voice acting. Most likely just an error. Any mention of it has been removed now.
  12. Magnus

    Final Fantasy VIII Remastered coming 2019!!

    Day one purchase for me as long as it doesn't come with the now infamous music bug that has already plagued a bunch of other remasters. And yeah, the Junction system is not hard to understand at all if you actually pay attention. It's like the Sphere Grid system in FFX - it looks overwhelming...
  13. Magnus

    All the Final Fantasy coming to Switch (not literally) [VII, IX, X/X2, WoFF, XII, Chocobo MD]

    No, this is definitely on Square Enix. The game got a patch last year, not to fix the much complained about music bug but some random chocobo racing related issue in Gold Saucer... The fact that Square Enix can't even be bothered to mention PS4 in their tweets tells me they're not even trying...
  14. Magnus

    Final Fantasy XV

    I'm not gonna spoil anything then. I wasn't a big fan of the alternative ending in Episode Ignis, but at least it gave you the canon route first and then snuck in a "what if" scenario as more of a bonus (let's be honest, it was basically an excuse to add that one boss fight). Episode Noctis...
  15. Magnus

    Final Fantasy XV

    Yeah, we dodged a bullet when they cancelled Episode Noctis and Episode Luna. If you've read the summary of what those were about... oof. It's X-2.5 levels of bad.
  16. Magnus

    All the Final Fantasy coming to Switch (not literally) [VII, IX, X/X2, WoFF, XII, Chocobo MD]

    It's ridiculous how they have ignored PS4 users for 4 years, and still do! Yet, they listened to Switch users immediately and that patch couldn't have come out any faster for them.
  17. Magnus

    Final Fantasy XV

    The anime is available for free and definitely isn't something you need to watch to understand anything, but it helps fleshing some of the characters out a bit more. Kingsglaive is more essential, and that's about it. The DLC, which is both meaty and fun and part of the actual game experience...
  18. Magnus

    Final Fantasy XV

    I honestly don't feel like Luna needed to be fleshed out much more. Especially not since she had a pretty big role in Kingsglaive, which you really should watch before playing the game. The issue was that 1) people assumed she was a re-design of Stella, whom they in turn wrongfully assumed was...
  19. Magnus

    Parasite Eve trademarked in Europe

    Parasite Eve 1 is amazing. Parasite Eve 2 has a good plot, but boring gameplay. The 3rd Birthday has an awful plot, but fun gameplay. My 2 cents.
  20. Magnus

    Why are fanservice models bad for video games?

    Fan service of the sexual kind is everywhere now and I'm just so tired of it. It's become like modern pop music, where most songs being played on the radio have suggestive lyrics and not so subtle sexual innuendos. It's usually also very unbalanced, with female characters both being portrayed as...