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    There is no reason for me to go on.

    Yes. Just as it says. It has been seven months since I joined KHInsider. Such friends were nice to meet. I loved to LOL with you. It was a good place. Even though, there were annoying moments also. Such as this Samhain bastard and the Xion Hate-Club. These enraged me and the rage will still...
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    Question about Braig in US release.

    If the scene is cut out, I will: Have a panic attack Destroy my house Kill my family Kill my friends Burn my hometown down Kill myself That's all.
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    Five-Word Story

    Semi-revival of an old game. Alright. Here's the point. We'll tell a story. But each post is supposed to have FIVE words. Not four, not six. FIVE words. For example: # 1 - In the kingdom of Ivalice... #2 - A hot princess named Kairi... And so on. MISSION START...
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    Ideal optional boss(es) for KH3?

    Don't read this if you all don't want spoilers. Maybe he'll want to fight Sora because he has part of Ven's heart?
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    NA demo

    Don't be so pessimistic about it. Expect ANYTHING.
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    Ideal optional boss(es) for KH3?

    Why can't Unversed keep spawning out of Vanitas's Sentiment? Unversed bosses. :3
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    Ideal optional boss(es) for KH3?

    OHOHO! Imagine fighting Wheel Master (BbS), then (Dragon) Maleficent, then freaking Master Xehanort... AAARGH! A boss database. Congrats, WaveK89. That's the most epic idea I've ever heard. Yep, they would be nice. And the fights could be set to the same Advent Children version of "J-E-N-O-V-A".
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    Ideal optional boss(es) for KH3?

    That picture is of Ultima as he appears in Final Fantasy VIII. He's been appearing since Final Fantasy VI, and with different looks each game.
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    Ideal optional boss(es) for KH3?

    *AHEM* I'm not talking about the keychain. I'm talking about the recurring Final Fantasy boss of the same name. Look. LOOK AT ULTIMA!
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    Ideal optional boss(es) for KH3?

    No, Yuuki. Allister Rose's right. WALL-E would be so underpowered as a boss...
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    Ideal optional boss(es) for KH3?

    LOL at the WALL-E suggestion. You know, a real ass? I'll be accepting your Firebird suggestion. But still... it's not specified in the poll. That's sad. BUT THE FIREBIRD STILL ROCKS! XD
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    Ideal optional boss(es) for KH3?

    Firebird, the last good thing from Disney since 2000? Not really. There's been Up and WALL-E. Got it? ^^ But I liked the Firebird. Seems even more destructive than Chernabog.
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    Ideal optional boss(es) for KH3?

    O.o Seriously? Okies-dokies then... Chernabog. MWAHA!
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    Ideal optional boss(es) for KH3?

    Yep. But, considering that Master Xehanort is currently known as Xehanort's Heartless (because he's Xehanort's heart, Terra is the body)... Master Eraqus would be nice for an optional boss.
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    Ideal optional boss(es) for KH3?

    Yes. And I can't update the freaking poll. =/ That sucks.
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    Ideal optional boss(es) for KH3?

    OHOHOHO! I'll update the poll. If I can...
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    Ideal optional boss(es) for KH3?

    I would like Ultima or Omega Weapon. You? ^^ EDIT - If you didn't like the idea of "a Keyblade being a boss", you didn't get it. Ultima Weapon is also the name of a recurring Final Fantasy boss. http://http://finalfantasy.wikia.com/wiki/Ultima_Weapon_(Enemy) Have some info on it.
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    Ultima Weapon?

    Ultima is in BbS? And the Shoot Locks get on steroids with it? Now the roles have been reversed. Ultima has gone WAY stronger than Omega. Didn't play Final Fantasy X? Then you will not get the joke.
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    Birth by Sleep stupid plot

    No flaming, please... facepalm
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    question about the mx' plans

    Re: land of departure's destruction and question about the mx' plans Basically...yes. But that's a little confusing to me. I thought... he wanted the X-Blade?