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  1. XjXsOlJa

    The Stanley Parables

    So who else has heard of this Half Life 2 mod ? I heard you can play it without HL2, but you have to have steam and source SDK 07. I tried and it isnt working, any tips ?
  2. XjXsOlJa

    Swedish House Mafia

    So who has a download link to "Save the World Tonight" Anyone have a clean mp3 version?
  3. XjXsOlJa

    sports car?

    anyone know a good used sports car for under 4k? my cousin recently got a toyota celica 2000. now im jealous as hell. links appreciated.
  4. XjXsOlJa

    Wouldn't Sora be able to dual weild in KH1?

    what the eff is so hard about holding two things at once.
  5. XjXsOlJa


    I think this would belong in here but if it doesn't feel free to move it. Soo I'm thinking about taking pre-calc next summer so that i would be able to take calc junior year, and then have a free period for my senior year. Do you guys think it would be wise to take pre-calc during the summer...
  6. XjXsOlJa

    Birth By Sleep Special edition confirmed for over 12 countries!

    I dont see why NA isnt getting this. -_-
  7. XjXsOlJa

    Chill songs?

    Anyone know all those chill songs like Banana Pancakes, and I'm Yours? Well, I'm looking for a good list of those types of songs. I'm want to be able to make a CD that I can play in the car and I'll like every song. (: So help me out please!
  8. XjXsOlJa

    KH 3DS - Confirmed

    Kingdom Hearts ONE anyone?
  9. XjXsOlJa

    Help/Support ► Don't think about it.

    The only thing that is in my mind right now is..............
  10. XjXsOlJa


    Do you wear a specific brand like Nike, Vans, Adidas, etc? Are you Pro-___ or do you just wear whatever looks good? My bad on the poll thing. Forgot to put, "IDONTCARE." Ahaha,
  11. XjXsOlJa

    NEW BbS release date!

    Wasnt it supposed to be released in the summer?
  12. XjXsOlJa

    Bryan Adams?

    Anyone know where to download Bryan Adam's All for Love for free? MP3 or course. This thread will probably be closed but I'm taking a chance.
  13. XjXsOlJa

    Google officially changes name to Topeka.

    Official Google Blog: A different kind of company name Obviously an April fool's joke. But its funny. Ahaha.
  14. XjXsOlJa

    BBS rated E10+?

    Honestly. Does it really even matter? And The Incredibles game was so fun.
  15. XjXsOlJa

    Plot Twist?

    I just realized that Sora hasn't had a single decent conversation with Roxas yet.
  16. XjXsOlJa

    Downloading and deleting?

    Would downloading something and then deleting still affect my computer's speed and how fast it runs?
  17. XjXsOlJa

    NO Final Mix

    Everyone. Remember Xenin for this. If a FM does come out, everyone PM him saying "Ahahaha. NUB."
  18. XjXsOlJa

    NA release date?

    Sorry. Doesn't really apply to me.
  19. XjXsOlJa

    NA release date?

    I've waited over 2 and a half years for FFXIII. I think I can wait another couple of months for BBS.
  20. XjXsOlJa

    A Xehanort Game?

    No Xehanort game please. Its just in the way of KH3. Yes call me a KHI noobie.