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  1. Candylanger

    (Help) Ultima Keyblade

    May I point some things out? First of all, you don't need to be Level "S" to be able to make the Ultima Weapon, the only thing it will do is cut the needed material of all the S rank items by half, and if you have a Energy Crystal, you don't need to be at the highest level. Also, to get the...
  2. Candylanger

    Fanfiction ► Let's get Married! [KH - Riku/Xion]

    N'aaaw! Riku and Xion getting married <3 A great story :D
  3. Candylanger

    What level were you when you beat Xemnas?

    Been a long time since I beat Xemnas the first time, but, I think I was between 50-55.
  4. Candylanger

    About Re:chain of memories bonuses (the japan version)

    I assume you mean Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix. No, you can't change the subtitles from Japanese to English, since the Final Mix games only came out in Japan, so it's only Japanese subtitles.
  5. Candylanger

    Two tags

    Hi there. I would like some CnC on these tag, as I think the people of the DM section might help me improve what little skill I have in tag making.
  6. Candylanger

    Fanfiction ► Emotional Mix-Up [KH fanfic] (23.02.10)

    I just finished reading all the chapters, and I like it :) I love the SoNami moment on the last chapter :D I also like how you wrote the RikuxKairi parts. Wonderful and great fanfic as always Smile ^^
  7. Candylanger

    what did xenmas wanted...

    Okay, I'm going to try to answer the best I can 1) It's not really a person lying there, its the armor of Aqua and her keyblade. 2) I don't know that, but, I suppose he wanted to unlock more of his sleeping memories, and maybe try to find the Chamber of Repose. 3) He didn't really do that...
  8. Candylanger

    Days Manga Chapter 5+Days "gag comic"

    Maybe not that awesome, I just wanted to make the reading easier for people ^^
  9. Candylanger

    Days Manga Chapter 5+Days "gag comic"

    Real fun chapter, why couldn't this be in the game? On another note, I took time and cleaned and put the translation of this chapter, so it might be easier for you guys to enjoy it more. Please take note that it's my first time I've done something like this, but, I hope I did a good job with...
  10. Candylanger

    what are..

    I thought that Xemnas created the Chamber of Repose after he broke the seal on the lab?
  11. Candylanger

    How many

    Bought one, beaten the game 5-6 times.
  12. Candylanger

    So. Before or after KH2?

    I would say after KH2, since if you play Days before KH2, you won't be as surprised about things that happens in that game. I liked it more that I played Days after KH2, so, yeah, after KH2.
  13. Candylanger

    sorry for

    I say Xion. She didn't really have a choice, she had to disappear in order to make everything better, and to stop hurting Roxas. Riku Replica was self-centered, and only cared about getting rid of the real Riku in order to feel like he existed, when he could just help him out. Sure, you can...
  14. Candylanger

    Extra Characters

    They were suppose to put in Pinocchio's World in Days, but they didn't have time to do it, or, I think that was the reason.
  15. Candylanger

    Is Org XIII really THAT bad?

    Just because the Leader has evil plans doesn't exactly means that the whole Organization is evil. Some of the other members just wanted to be complete, while some other just wanted power, so, it's a mixture of both good and bad people. Questions like these belongs to the Foyer section. To put a...
  16. Candylanger

    Is Xion a One time only character? (spoilers ya)

    It's going to be difficult to bring her back, since everyone forgot about her, so flashbacks wouldn't work unless Sora does something to awaken her memories, but I think they should let us know what happened between Riku and Xion during that month. She fits more in Riku's Destati than Sora's or...
  17. Candylanger

    Roxas vs. Sora

    I like Sora more than Roxas. Roxas disappointed me in both KH2 and Days. I mean, Roxas doesn't know how friendship works, he never really knew what that was.
  18. Candylanger

    Wisdom form?

    .... Why do I get the feeling this thread is just a way for him to gain post counts? You always get the Wisdom Form when you finish Timeless River, no matter what.
  19. Candylanger

    What level did you finish KH/KH2?

    I've finished KH at level 51, and KH2 at level 54.
  20. Candylanger

    Kingdom Hearts makes "Top 30 Games Of The Past Decade"

    I wondered where the Devil May Cry games where, they are awesome. Bad they made it like mixture of series and individual games, would be better if they only followed one of these.