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    Oh Wow, Its Been A Long Time!!!

    Hey forums! I haven't been here on the insider in just under a year! I dont know if anyone remembers me or cares that i returned cuz i didn't really make it known that I was leaving. But whatever, and damn, this place has changed! So ya, hey everyone who cares and remembers me. And oh, it...
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    Nomura on Days

    haha the best part of the interview is the question about sea salt icecream lol :)
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    What if Plan A Failed?

    Wow thats messed up and shouldnt even go there cause it is impossible
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    sea salt scenes

    In my opinion, some of them served a purpose in moving along the story while others were just there to show the growing bond between the trio
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    Xbox 360 internet connection problems :(

    Ok, so I have an Xbox 360 Arcade but I bought a 60g hard drive. Today I just purchased the black wireless n adapter, when I got home I went through all the steps that I thought I would need to take but now I have come to some difficulties. When I searched on the internet to solve these problems...
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    Drive Forms

    Valor: In TWTNW, the Alley in between...keep going in and out of the world map Wisdom: Same as Valor Master: Land of Dragons Antechamber (same world map strategy) Final: Just keep going through the Halways of TCTNW around naughts skyway
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    Wow, Days cleaned house :) I expected it to do really good but not get everything haha
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    km wha?

    KM stands for King Mickey...nearly 100% sure unless some noob is using the abbreviation wrong
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    Re: ohhikairistopbeinggross Well, I too want her to be useful but I doubt any of this shit will happen...she will stay on her island and paint toenails like last time and she will get kidnapped for the 5th time >:/ She will show herself at the end and be gay..again. Unless, SE throws a big...
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    mystery goo

    Here is a link to a mushroom hunting gamefaq...it has everything you need here Gamefaqs-Kingdom Hearts Mushroom Hunting
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    Congrats on a Year...

    This thread is not only for me, ok. As of today, this is a year for Teiku 5, destinykh, Snow, and me. I would like to congratulate the other three members on making staff, platinum, and premium status. I wish us all another good second year at KHI.
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    Heart collection

    It would be nice if you gave us a specific mission...because it doesnt really have anything to do with chaining but lots of the heartless are hard to find
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    People of Walmart

    Ok, many of you may have already seen this site, but there were no threads about it so I thought I would make one. At this site there are pictures of random people at Walmart wearing the wackiest and craziest shit ever, sometimes there are pictures of their cars too. Some of them arent that...
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    Hollow Bastian slideing doors.

    Unlike KH2, KH1 actually was sort of a puzzle game :) They are they to confuse you and I am ok with that
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    Fanfiction ► "What IS Love?" (FINISHED!!)

    Re: "What IS Love?" OMG this is hilarious Favorite Part: When Axel walks in haha
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    Broken Bone Discussion Thread

    Just as the title says... Today I found out that I have a hairline fracture in my 5th metatarsal on my right foot :( Other things I have done include: -Broken collarbone -broken index finger -Broken wrist :( I am involved in a ton of sports so injuries can happen...I have also sprained ankles...
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    Help/Support ► Sibling Help

    Um I dont really have anything in response to this...she was too spoiled as a child and now is a bitch, there isnt much you can do i dont think...she will just have to face the facts one day by herself..sorry :(
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    KH BbS mentioned in Gamespot

    Wow, this is pretty much meaningless with bad pronunciation :( haha
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    Coming Back

    I hope she is done :( She served her small purpose and thats not who "them" is anyways....im pretty sure based off what I have heard that it is Ven inside sora
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    Days 100%

    no, I was pretty close but then i lost my ds with the game in it :(