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    Marluxia, Vexen, Larxene's English Voices

    I like Larxene's voice it sounds pretty cocky and conceited just perfecto for her! And Marluxia is eh...Vexen is ok
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    A big kh Re:CoM problem!!!

    It's probably your memory card. Like when your PS2 starts try to delete the other files from your other games. Hopefully this works out since you barely got the game and it would really suck if you can't play it.
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    They sound ok... But its not what I expected though
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    IGN's Review

    Well I'm happy about the review talking about it so good since I ordered it already :)
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    How did Sora wind up in Twilight Town?

    No it doesnt explain it(that i know of) but probably it was safer for Sora to be in Twilight Town then in Castle Oblivion where all the enemies are
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    How did Sora wind up in Twilight Town?

    DiZ moved him transferred the pods of Donald, Goofy, and Sora from Castle Oblivion to that huge mansion in Twilight Town.
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    Quinton Flynn recites Chain of Memories lines

    I love Axel's voice Its so SEXY!
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    Help/Support ► So

    nice poem there marly lol
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    Help/Support ► I can't just have a normal high school life, can I?

    high school is FULL of drama especially with girls....
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    Help/Support ► I can't just have a normal high school life, can I?

    well thats life everyone has ups and downs but who knows maybe this girl may be the one so yea i think you should really try it
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    Help/Support ► So

    yea same here somedude like im kinda shaky and i cant even study for my benchmark tests and theyre important
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    Help/Support ► So

    OMG! aqua13 just go home! dont even think about that! dont you think of who is going to suffer after you die?!
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    Help/Support ► So

    well I have no words I also feel like crying too :( even tho this guy gave me a bad rep
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    Help/Support ► So

    I'm so sorry Hokage if you ever need anything just talk to me oh and TOP you could have just said that he died we didnt need any details
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    Help/Support ► So

    just hang in there hokage you have all of our support
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    Help/Support ► So

    yea just call the police if hes your friend just do it before its too late damn now Im actually worried about this kid
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    Help/Support ► So

    well if theres something I learned about life its that it goes on so yeah just get over it since other people you meet have bigger problems that are most likely worse than yours
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    Help/Support ► So

    yea me neither
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    Re:CoM pushed back to March?

    Re: CoM pushed back to March? oh noes! i REALLY hope not since i asked for it for my bday since its on the 4th!!! but anyways i dont think thats true
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    Help/Support ► T_T

    youre kinda like me theres this gorgeous guy in my french class has the most prettiest eyes and I talked to him about the dances and stuff like that then the other day someone touched me and it was him!!! he walked me to my class and we were just talking about retarded stuff so if i can i know...