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  1. Reika

    Pros and Cons of the Game -- Writing an Essay

    Thank you so much, you guys, this is perfect! <3
  2. Reika

    Pros and Cons of the Game -- Writing an Essay

    I'm working on an evaluation essay on Kingdom Hearts for my English class in college and thought I'd get some thoughts on the good and bad of the first Kingdom Hearts game. So, what do y'all believe are the pros and cons to the first game of the series? o:
  3. Reika

    Seeking active, friendly party in Vulpes

    So my sister got into this game recently and joined Vulpes with her daughter. I'm Leopardus with a fairly active and very friendly and supportive party and I would like to find a party like that for my sister and her daughter. The party she's in now isn't very active and my sister and her...
  4. Reika

    Master Ava is kicking my butt

    She beats me in 1 hit. ;; I just wanted to get to level 433 for my Divine Rose. I'm level 189 and only 40 jewels. My medals are: 6 star Sora & Donald & Goofy - STR 6731 +235 - DEF is 6699 +410 - LV 52 6 star Marluxia B - STR 6477 - DEF is 6419 - LV 37 6 star Wisdom Form Sora - STR 5799 - DEF...
  5. Reika

    Least favourite KH1 world?

    Monstro. Monstro, Monstro, Monstro, Monstro, Monstro. Not because it was confusing but because it was just plain annoying. Falling off of edges too easily, such an extreme amount of jumping to get shit done (especially with treasure collecting), annoying enemies that take forever to beat, and...
  6. Reika

    If Disney never lost the rights to Tarzan, what games do you think Deep Jungle would've been in?

    I can see Tarzan's world being in CoM (of course), Re: Coded, and maybe Days. In KHII, I imagine Tarzan would be a summon, like Peter Pan.
  7. Reika

    Please don't troll this. Is Kingdom Hearts 2 the best game so far?

    While it's not the best KH game (I think that title should go to either KHI or BBS), it's certainly my favorite. The voice acting, while not perfect, wasn't OMG MY EARS ARE BLEEDING; actually, I quite liked how tame it was. The worlds were more fun in KHI as there was a lot more to do, but I...
  8. Reika

    Question: Why wasn't lenzo mad at Lea?

    But that kinda brings me back to my original point. xD; Ienzo is a logical guy. His logic (based on the knowledge he has, which probably doesn't include that Nobodies can grow hearts and feel emotions) tells him that Axel was not malicious or evil in his attack as he had no heart to do so nor to...
  9. Reika

    Question: Why wasn't lenzo mad at Lea?

    Oh, I know. Axel is far from an innocent party here. But this thread is asking why Ienzo wasn't mad at Lea, and even though there WERE emotions in Zexion's death scene, if Ienzo didn't know that there were emotions controlling Axel's actions (considering, as far as Zexion/Ienzo knows, Nobodies...
  10. Reika

    Question: Why wasn't lenzo mad at Lea?

    Did Zexion realize that, though? He felt fear, but he didn't get much chance to dwell on that fact because he died right after. I'm not saying Axel DIDN'T do such a horrible thing with maliciousness behind it, just that Zexion may not have realized that emotions were driving the actions.
  11. Reika

    .•●♣ The Terra ♥ Aqua Fanclub ♣●•.

    "My friend gave me that!" "Then you're still all right... Terra." .•●♣ Founder ♣●•. Reika .•●♣ Members ♣●•. Reika .•●♣ Reasons ♣●•. They had a lot of nice shippy moments TAV is just like a family: Terra is the daddy, Aqua's the mommy, and Ven is the son who looks...
  12. Reika

    [▉][][▉] The Zexion X Namine Fanclub [▉][][▉]

    [▉][][▉]Founder[▉][][▉] Reika [▉][][▉]Members[▉][][▉] Reika [▉][][▉]Reasons[▉][][▉] Zexion's and Namine's calm personalities would mesh well. Namine could draw the cover art of any books Zexion/Ienzo may write! They both got screwed over by Axel...
  13. Reika

    Question: Why wasn't lenzo mad at Lea?

    Ienzo's a logical dude. Why hold a grudge when Lea, then Axel, had no heart to feel remorse with? At that time, they had no emotions, so "murder" wasn't exactly as cold-blooded as it is in the real world. It's terrifying in the real world because murder is usually committed by people who DO have...
  14. Reika

    The version of Riku we see in Monstro

    God, I hope so. Riku's a great character that has been bogged down by his self-deprecation and self-loathing. He wasn't really "emo" in 3D, but it was obvious it still bugged him. The way he spoke before beginning the MoM exam, the things he said different worlds like the HoND world ("Wish I...
  15. Reika

    The version of Riku we see in Monstro

    Either that, or KH Arc 2 will be Riku working through it... even though he's been doing that for every game bar KH1.
  16. Reika

    ~✬ The Aqua Fanclub ✬~

    "Together... Always." ~✬ Founder ✬~ Reika ~✬ Members ✬~ Reika ~✬ Reasons ✬~ The first female keyblade wielder. She has realistic flaws. She transformed Land of Departure into freakin' Castle Oblivion. Her sacrifice to save Terra. Badass fighting style...
  17. Reika

    Θ═☼ The Vanitas Fanclub 5.0 ☼═Θ

    "He has no control over the darkness in his heart. The Keyblade is not his to bear. He's an abomination beyond hope of salvation." Θ═☼ Founder ☼═Θ Reika Θ═☼ Members ☼═Θ Reika Θ═☼ Reasons ☼═Θ He's badass |D His evilness, tis sexy~ His abs are, too Gotta love...
  18. Reika

    ~☼ The Ventus Fanclub v.2 ☼~

    "My friends are my power... and I'm theirs!" ~☼ Founder ☼~ Reika ~☼ Members ☼~ Reika JR199913 ~☼ Reasons ☼~ He's utterly selfless Cheerful and adorable :D Cares a LOT for both of his friends Even when things go wrong, he usually has the strength to smile through it...
  19. Reika

    Name your dream eaters

  20. Reika

    ◄♥The Riku & Shiki Fanclub♥►

    "Aren't you my knight in shining armor?" ◄♥Founder♥► Reika ◄♥Members♥► Reika Lanydx reborn Ruran Shinra ◄♥Reasons♥► Her flirting was adorable, as was his being flustered. We hardly ever see Riku like that, and she's one of the few to bring that side out in him...