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  1. Mastermind

    Reflecting on 16 years on this forum (aka the "once a decade post")

    So this is the place where all of us old folks go. I'll be at 15 years on June 3rd. Though I personally didn't know you, it's nice to see some of the mid-2000 folks checking in.
  2. Mastermind

    Year 9

    I may not come here as much as I used to, but I had to make sure I made a thread on this day. Today marks my 9th year here on KHI and the saying still holds true. You never truly leave KHI once you sign up for it. June 2005 was the last summer before the release of KH2 and it was crazy around...
  3. Mastermind

    Help/Support ► I honestly need help :(

    This makes no sense. What exactly is he being patient for?
  4. Mastermind

    Something that occurred to me about the ending.

    Well I simply attributed to the fact that Riku was in dreamland where no one remembers anything about you. It didn't really seem strange to me.
  5. Mastermind

    Completion Times

    ~29 hours on Proud Mode. Sora and Riku at lv. 36.
  6. Mastermind

    Proud mode tips?

    Did you skip past enemy encounters or anything like that? I just find it hard to believe that you are so lowly leveled. I'm at Symphony of Sorcery at the moment and my Riku and Sora are at 29 and 33 respectively.
  7. Mastermind

    Proud mode tips?

    Oh, of course not. However, when tank-like enemies come into play I resort to the shockwave. I only really use it when I'm overwhelmed and need to create space.
  8. Mastermind

    Proud mode tips?

    Oh yeah. Also, flow motion to super jump to shockwave over and over equals game over for opposition.
  9. Mastermind


    So, after the failures that were Google Buzz and Orkut, Google has decided to attack Facebook again. This time they're going to use Google+, a new social networking site that's currently in testing with only a few people. The link below will give more in-depth information. The Google+ Project...
  10. Mastermind

    Question for Amazon Preorders

    Usually you get an email stating that your promotion credit was applied to your account. FYI, it expires on December 31st.
  11. Mastermind

    Help/Support ► HOMEWORK HELP THREAD!

    How did you not take chemistry in high school. Isn't that a requirement to graduate?
  12. Mastermind

    What Kind of Cell Phone Do You Have?

    In this day and age everyone has a cell phone or will have one in the near future. We've gone through the Razr era (Awesome phone btw) and are now in the smartphone era even though most of us don't truly need them. This thread is here to basically showcase what kind of cell phone you have, have...
  13. Mastermind

    The Official BBS VA Discussion Thread [complete]

    Re: The Official BBS VA Discussion Thread Vanitas' voice is fantastic! Quite possibly the best one.
  14. Mastermind

    I've Made It

    Today marks two things. One is arguably an accomplishment while the other is questionable. Today is June 3, 2010. Exactly five years ago, I joined this site after stalking the main website's picture gallery. Honestly, I don't know where the time went because it doesn't feel like that long ago...
  15. Mastermind

    Help/Support ► fuck you nigga i aint no fucking desperate whore

    I'm kinda having a hard time understanding this.
  16. Mastermind

    Time for Reminiscing

    Wow, I haven't made a thread in while, but I feel like I should in this case. I don't really know how many of you remember the Summer of 2005 on KHI, but it was fun. It was a time when all this new information about KH2 was coming out. We saw glimpses of Sora's drive forms. Wisdom form comes to...
  17. Mastermind

    BBS Boxart Contest Winner Is...

    I must say, that I disagree with the decision. Personally, I believe that first and third should switch places. However, it wasn't my decision and congratulations to Veriun.
  18. Mastermind

    Live vanitas VS VEN, it'll be over quickly, watch.

    He attacks when he's a hit away from dying. That's his problem.
  19. Mastermind

    [spoilers] Early Release Game Owner

    Why did you buy it early then? I swear people have no patience nowadays.
  20. Mastermind

    Secret Boss

    I wouldn't mind having KH2 Sora being the secret boss. He'd pull out some badass techniques we weren't able to do in the game. It would be awesome.