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    Mystery USB Drive

    What's On This Mystery USB Drive? [Update] - PlayStation 3 News at IGN Hmmmm... I dunno, what are you're guys thoughts on this? Only thing I noticed that no one else has said is that the first letter of each of word spells out CIPHER.
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    I liek dem colours

    I like what I have started. But I freaking hate these colors. Any recommendations?
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    Jaxx Full Auto

    I think it turned out well. It's a present for you know who ;] And its not a triangle. CnC
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    Hats off to you M'lord

    Meh... I experimented. I kinda like it. Just tried to keep it simple lol. Dunno if it worked or not. CnC
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    I thought I'd try something new and a little simpler than my usual style. V1 V2 Tell me what y'all think. CnC
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    Final Fantasy XIII Artwork | Media Vault Lots of nice large, FFXIII stocks. Also, almost all of them a precut :D I thought you all might like this.
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    Athena's Shield

    I'm very happy with this honestly... CnC
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    Kick Ass

    I kinda love the left, but I'm just not sure what to do with the right... CnC
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    Help! I need somebody's HELP!

    It's a WIP. Just not sure were to go with it, but I kinda like what I have...
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    Frono's .psds

    Cause I love you. Oh, and steal anything and I'll rip your balls off or rip out both of your vagina's. That's right, you have two of them. Shadow Naoto-Kun Sexy Girl/Building VANITS = BADASS DIS IST TIDUS Oh, and if you download, it would be nice if you commented :D
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    Not sure if I like it or not... CnC (And my love for Teddie only grows deeper <3)
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    Anyone else miss...

    the Handicap Battles? I kinda wish we would have that challenge again. Its what forced me to learn new things. So wadda ya say mods? A handicap tourny be brought back?
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    This thread will be un-BEAR-able

    Yeah, I know... Wrong persona, but I couldn't help myself xD CnC
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    ITT Frono VS Jaxx

    ^Jaxx's/Eric's Entry^ ^Frono's/DJ's Entry^ VOTE VOTE VOTE
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    Rocks' Ass

    So, I thought I'd look through some other people's .psds this morning and this is what inspired me. Personally, the Vanitas one is my favorite CnC
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    I was making another tag and I suddenly thought of how a sprite would look awesome in there instead. I got this lol CnC EDIT: Grrrr.... the low contrast bothered me. Soooo.... V.2 EDIT: Fuck, I'm indecisive. And I need to think of things before I "Finish" a tag... V.3
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    Geez, I can do tags that don't have green in them <3 CnC EDIT: V.2 V.3 I thought some pink might help.
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    ITT Frono Challenges Jaxx <3

    Yup! A battle of the Fates... between two friends. Fighting forever... in a Frozen Hell. Who will the Angels chose to emerge as victor out of this Inferno...? So, we have 3 days. That means that we both have to be done by Staurday at midnight. No rules, no limits. Use all of your resources...
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    Daaaaaaaammmnnnn.... I'm rusty <3

    I was bored this morning... BTW, despite having awesome CS4, I haven't used photoshop in like... A year. Please forgive the awfulness~ <3 EDIT: OH YAH. CnC please xD Hmmm... Maybe these aren't as shitty?