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  1. MasterAqua

    Tales Of The Eliminator

    Killed my first Eliminator at the first chance. I tought on fightning head on, and got statused. I healed up and then kept aiming for his back and dodging untill he fell. @Snow_flake40: I was expecting somekind of awesome prize too ç_ç
  2. MasterAqua

    Iron Prisoner IV

    To be honest I couldn't even touch him with normal attacks... I got bored and defeated him like this: Get all the most usefull abilities (The one that recharge your focus gauge as you're hit, once more, last chance ecc). Equip your most powerfull shotlock. Unleash the shotlock on that guy as you...
  3. MasterAqua

    Strange, but effective way to beat Mystereous Figure

    B-but that wouldn't be in my style! *cool attitude attempt* I never tried to just stay put and outlive it tough ^^"
  4. MasterAqua

    Strange, but effective way to beat Mystereous Figure

    And to think that I went under the pain of defeat him with Terra praying the whole match "don't use the sphere thing, don't use the sphere thing, don't use the sphere thing". >_< Well done tough, that's an awesome way to make up for Terra's terrible dodge move against those floating orbs of death!
  5. MasterAqua

    Help/Support ► I don't even know why suddenly I feel the need to write that here...

    ...But I'll do it. Lately, I feel like I'm living every day of my life as an empty shell. There is that feeling...it is like...boredom? That won't go away... Let's recap the last "awesome" things that I got... - Some months ago I broke with my ex, I want to clarify we just had a distance...
  6. MasterAqua

    a good game ruined

    MF doesn't ruin anything to me. Ok, he can be cheap sometimes. (Istant death combo anyone?) But, hey, that's part of the fun! If he was easy to defeat, where would be the fun? A friend of mine got her hands on Final Mix, and I must say that I like playing against MF. More than No Heart and Armor...
  7. MasterAqua

    Beyond the keyhole

    Correct, and in his journals he said he found that in the basement. So I assume the so called Final Keyhole at the top of Hollow Bastion is artificial (All those machines around it kinda confirm this as well...)
  8. MasterAqua

    KH BBS FM has KH3D: DDD stuff inside it!

    Awesome, funny to see the road to dawn and the toy sword overlapped somehow. Ansem SoD's mouth is...creepy
  9. MasterAqua

    Beyond the keyhole

    Let's remember that Hollow Bastion's Keyhole is artificial anyway.
  10. MasterAqua

    Command Styles that should have been included...

    Terra needed the commands from his Lingering Will, it would have been awesome, even if they threw them in only for the final boss fight.
  11. MasterAqua

    "???" Boss

    Defend and attack, it would be better from his back or his sides tough. Do anything to don't get comboed. Bug version: Roll, roll, roll, roll -> Attack him after his light attack -> Roll, Roll, Roll -> Repeat.
  12. MasterAqua

    Update: Secret Episode Being Played Live!

    Awesome boss fight with awesome music <3
  13. MasterAqua

    Final Mix exclusive tracks now on YouTube

    Re: Birth by Sleep Final Mix Exclusive Tracks http://forums.khinsider.com/handheld-entries/158931-bbsfm-new-music-tracks-youtube.html Also, posting this here again: Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep ~Final Mix~ Soundtrack.rar
  14. MasterAqua

    Birth by Sleep soundtrack

    Actually, the official BBS ost is coming out the two febrary. It will include Coded and Day's tracks as well, you just have to wait I guess.
  15. MasterAqua

    Final Mix exclusive tracks now on YouTube

    Re: BBSFM New Music Tracks are on Youtube. Wow! Those tracks are amazing, really. I can't wait for the official ost release. But while we wait for it... Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep ~Final Mix~ Soundtrack.rar With love for all of you.
  16. MasterAqua

    Fanfiction ► The "Twilight" Reports (An Org XIII fanfic)

    They all should be happy Xemnas didn't made them read the books. Actually, I like the first one, but after that... >_>
  17. MasterAqua

    What exactly is this game meant to accomplish?

    This game expand things from both KH2, Days and BBS. Also, in the ending you get to know what is written in the letter Sora got in KH2's ending.
  18. MasterAqua

    Make a story - KH version

    I saw this game on another place, so I tought...why don't make up our own version? Basically, each member post here a short sentence made of 5 words. The member after him/her will then do so, continuing the story, and so on. Let's see... Terra went to Disney Town... (Couldn't think of anything...
  19. MasterAqua

    Level 1 Critical Mode

    Terranort has both Terra's normal meteor spell, and his own variations where he summons all those little meteors that charge at you once, that's what I call "meteor variation".
  20. MasterAqua

    Level 1 Critical Mode

    Two hours or something like that... Block -> Counter -> Block -> Counter -> Block -> Counter -> Occasional dash for Ultima Cannon/Meteor/Meteor Variation -> Block -> Counter...now I Know his moves better than Terranort himself x-x