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  1. Solareon

    I’m back...I’m home

    Well after years of not being active, 2012 being my last real activity, Kingdom Hearts 3 has brought me home to the first fandom site I had ever joined. It’s utterly insane how much things have changed. I remember playing the RPG game Inferno so many years ago and now everything is so...
  2. Solareon

    Stranger in a familiar land.

    I was pretty sure I'd never log back on to this site again, mostly cause I had forgotten about most of it. But here I am. I guess kh3 brought me home Looks a lot different than I remember Haha oh well. Good to be home.
  3. Solareon

    Fallout: Eternal War

    Fallout: Eternal War The Empire wasteland, once known as new york city, has now been reduced to nothing more than a memory of the old world, a world destroyed by humanity’s war on itself. All around the wasteland of new york, is crawling with factions involved in a war for power, or beast...
  4. Solareon

    Fallout: Eternal War {Sign up & OOC thread}

    Fallout: Eternal War “War........War never changes” A Fallout Roleplay By Solareon. Prelude The geopolitical situation that led to the outbreak of the long-feared global nuclear war was prompted primarily by the onset of a worldwide energy crisis when the supplies of fossil-fuels...
  5. Solareon

    The return (I'm finally home.)

    My Name is Solareon, John, Johnny, rum lover, or whatever the hell I'm known as. I have been on and off for many times, but now I'm back for good. I left awile back ago to finish college and pursue skateboarding, nevertheless I'm finally back. I hope there's some old friends to see.
  6. Solareon

    Yo old friends (If any are left that )

    I think I've been gone almost a year, not really sure. Also I'm nt 100% if anyoe gives a rats ass anyway how long I'v been gone since I disapear like a little bastard to many times to count and I apolgise for my bastardness. Anyway I'm back......again.......So yeah............
  7. Solareon

    The Chronicles of Kingdom Hearts

    The chronicles of kingdom hearts (Angel Version) Table of contents 1. Kingdom Hearts: the next keyblade heroes Plot Worlds Main Characters Supporting Characters Minor Characters Trivia Portrayers 2. Kingdom Hearts II: Requiem for the Fallen Plot Worlds Main Characters...
  8. Solareon

    Kingdom hearts II: Requiem For The Fallen

    Kingdom hearts II: Requiem For The Fallen It is only in the Darkest of times, that you would be able to see the stars shines brighter than ever, only when the light has faded away, and is out of sight that we can truly see. See the road that has been lost by time, but protected by destiny...
  9. Solareon

    A Crime rp

    I was thinking about making a crime rp, ya know, Mafia families, street gangsters, Foreign mobs, crooked cops and a task force of detectives to combat them all. LOL me and sephy were talking about a rp like this. Anyone interested?
  10. Solareon

    Kingdom hearts II: Requiem For The Fallen (Sighn ups and OOC)

    Kingdom hearts II: Requiem For The Fallen Prologue Everything was going so perfectly. I spent centuries planning every little detail....the Order was my biggest achievement. Granted...it fell apart right near the end, but to me, it was a sacrifice worth happening, seeing as they had all...
  11. Solareon

    Rum ;D

    Sup khinsider people, what's new?
  12. Solareon


    So.........I guess this could count as my return I guess.
  13. Solareon


    Well take a hint from the titel of the thread, I'll give you a couple of seaconds....................... F**k it, I'm back. Thoughts in mind: I wonder if anyone remebers me?
  14. Solareon

    Fanfiction ► Kingdom hearts: The Next Keyblade Heroes

    Chapter 2: Ryu Vs Xarge! Twilight Town High school hallway: Rio walked out of her classroom in a better mood than before. She walked to her locker and shoved all her books in there, closing it quickly so nothing would fall out. She walked through the halls, not taking a notice to anyone...
  15. Solareon

    Fanfiction ► Kingdom hearts: The Next Keyblade Heroes

    :lol: The rp had been a year ago, but I know ya just can't wait to see your oc back in action...or past action.:23: nvm time makes me confused.
  16. Solareon

    Fanfiction ► Kingdom hearts: The Next Keyblade Heroes

    This is a fanfic based of Angelic Symphony old role play, Kingdom heats: The next keybaldes heroes and it‘s set before the new role play Kingdom hearts II: Battle for destiny. The setting of this story is a AU from the KH series storyline, there are many changes to the organization, from members...
  17. Solareon

    Kingdom Hearts II: Battle of Destiny (A original KH roleplay)

    Each of us has a destiny, For the good of the worlds, Or for the destruction of them. We chose our own destiny, No one else can chose it for us. Do not let others influence you To change what you want Your destiny to be. Because You will lose sight of the road To your destiny. So...
  18. Solareon

    Fanfiction ► Kingdom Hearts: The Lost Keyhole

    I've been keeping tabs on this story but this is the first time I thought to post about it and I gotta say ya doing a pretty good job on ya fic, looks like a good one. ;D
  19. Solareon

    Who's who?

    Everyone and there ****'s has a keybalde in the series these days, the way it looks he might of had a keybalde a long time ago.
  20. Solareon

    Kingdom Hearts II: Battle of Destiny (SIGN-UP/OOC THREAD)

    Kingdom hearts II: Battle of Destiny Prolong In the end it wasn’t a lone hero who saved the worlds, it was the keyblade heroes who did the deed. Everything had all started when a young group of friends were going to school one day at twilight town, it seemed like a normal boring first...