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  1. Bear

    Help/Support ► So I just cut myself

    Tell him. He might beat some sense into you. Plus it will give you another outlet, alternative to cutting yourself.
  2. Bear

    Help/Support ► Help with a new girl

    Falling in love takes time. Build your friendship and from there your relationship will grow. The 'Friend Zone' exists only when one of two things happen, 1. she simply doesn't like you that way 2. she doesn't think you like her that way So, once you have established a solid friendship, you...
  3. Bear

    Help/Support ► So I just cut myself

    Maybe they'll break up soon and she'll move on to her next victim.
  4. Bear


    Prologue Steve Writes To Rich Letter # 1 10/4/08 Dear Little Rich, I told you I would write you! I'm not the lazy crazy uncle you think I am. After all, writing novels is hard work you know. Well to tell the truth I probably am exactly what you think I am. The only reason I'm writing this...
  5. Bear

    The Last Silva, The First Test ( Test Battle #1 )

    Just a test battle. If you happen to ask if this is continuum, do yourself a favor and use your common sense. JUST a test battle. ( So it isn't xD ) Anyway, my internet failed a few days ago when I was prepping for SMK's big challenge thread. It just so happens, LoC trapped everyone, so there...
  6. Bear

    Fanfiction ► The New Fuzz - Jerome & Jesus

    Awesome. One comment. That's a new record for any fic I've ever had. =D Not really.. but, yeah. Comments, please. Critisism is fine, but I doubt I need it. The first chapter was meant to be written as it was. Jerome.. comment, nooblet.
  7. Bear

    Fanfiction ► The New Fuzz - Jerome & Jesus

    This fic is a spinoff of an MSN convo I had with my friend Jerome. We thought it would be pretty funny to make this into a fanfic, so here I am, and here it is. Enjoy. Also, a little precaution I need to take, before I begin. *WARNING* Any relation to any storyline, life history, person[s], or...
  8. Bear

    Above, Below, and Between ~ Chapter One - Crisis

    ~ Above, Below, And Between ~ “Where has Mordecai fled to?” “The Western Kingdom of Jamliene, my Lord.” “Bring him to me, as soon as possible. Ride, Malcolm, to Jamliene, and retrieve my son, willing or unwilling. You have three days. If you are not back by dusk of the third day, we will...
  9. Bear

    Here I Am, Again.

    Lately I've been a bit of a procrastinator. Well, not just a bit. I've actually been a huge procrastinator, and haven't even gotten a good post in because of it. I guess working on my comeback character has taken all of the writing out of me. So, here I am, again, making a challenge. This time...
  10. Bear


    I've been having trouble keeping up with battles and challenges, complex characters, amazing magic abilities and the sort. So, I'm proposing a simple hand-to-hand combat ( NON-POWERCHARACTER ) battle to Stryfe. Hopefully I regain whatever I had before by facing someone out of my league. ( Not...
  11. Bear

    Open Challenge

    Lately, I've had a lot of time on my hands. So, what better way to use some of that time, by having a battle! I'll except any challengers, and any number of challengers. Just a warning though, if there are more than two, then I will ask a friend to be on my side, or take anyone willing to be...
  12. Bear

    Fanfiction ► Don't have a name

    lol, completely random. The writing is decent, and I didn't see too many mistakes. Get a new chapter up soon, so we can find out where you're goin' with it. But, yeah, good job. Just remember to try and not alter the style of writing, since it's in that view. ;D
  13. Bear

    dark knight VS Watermelons... <3

    I'll be using my new character, Erimel Wood. After you post, I'll post his template. Rules ~ Morph's rules apply. As always, no GMing, PPing, or intense profanity. ..You know the rest. Three Judges - Blahmaster - Setharoth - We'll be fighting with Power Characters. { Characters Fighting }...
  14. Bear

    The Collapse of Balance, Pt. 1 - Vinahne.

    Balance. The basic rule of life, is that every action has an equal and opposite opposing reaction, every force has an equal and opposite opposing force, and every energy has an equal and opposite opposing energy. Everything, and everyone has it's...
  15. Bear

    The Red Warrior

    Name : Crane "Red" Fortig'ule" ( For-tih-G^( yool ) ) - Lost Epitaph - The Red Warrior Age : 127. ( Appears to be 26 or so. ) Gender : Male. Height : 5'11.9'' Weight : 178.43 ( Without Equiptment. ) Home World : Vinahne Race : Vinahnian. Personality : Crane.. is the type that would ignore...
  16. Bear

    Pirates of the Caribbean : At World's End. *Spoiler Warning*

    "If there was anything we could do.." "Would you do it? Would ye all be willin' to sail at de world's end, for ye precious.. Captain?" "Aye!" "Aye!!" "...Yes." "Aye." "Well den. Ye be needin' a captain who knows dose waters....." A grim look crept upon the faces of all but one person in...
  17. Bear


    I am leaving KHI. I know what you're thinking now - "He did this before, but never left?" Well, I am leaving this time. So, farewell. I'm on for the day... but after, that's it. Feel free to contact me on MSN - dark_solemn_angel@hotmail.com or AIM. klarityy. For those of you who do not think my...
  18. Bear

    Pathmonia. Chapter One - Genesis, or Revelation? ~ Original RP by blood alchemist ~

    Imagine a world before ours. Before prehistoric creatures. Imagine a world much like the one surrounding us today, but still vastly different in many ways. Not only humans rule the planet, but so do other species, such as the elf, goblin, and many others. It is peaceful, but has it's breakout of...
  19. Bear

    The Great GC, Versus Blood Alchemist. A clash of friends.

    I have challenged General Chaos to a 1v1 battle. I figured it would be a good oppurtunity to develope more of a flow to my Role-Playing, and a better understanding of how to defeat someone. I'm not sure if I'm going to work on my character yet.. But after someone posts, I will post my template...
  20. Bear

    Marriage. kingdomwolfblade will now bear my child. Bwahahaha!

    The title says it all. kwb doesn't want children unless we are wed. So, here we are. Just so she can bear my child. Although, I have a feeling she might run away after I give her the piggy back ride she wanted. =[ Where's the priest? >:]