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    just another random thought

    i'm sure this idea has probably come up before, but i had a thought that Ven might possibly be Sora's father, and that's why Roxas looks just like him.
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    COM On PS2?

    yeah i wish that it would come out in US. the funny thing is, every reply to this thread says re: COM at the top. i just find that funny cuz it's the game's title.
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    Hello, I made Aqua´s gameplay-graphics

    i like it! did you edit a different picture on like photobucket or did you just make that from scratch? either way it's really good. i've done stuff like that on paint because i don't have photobucket (which is wierd cuz i thought that was a default program) with my own original characters but...
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    358/2 Days - Summer 2008 in Japan

    Coolio! i just got my DS for Christmas so now i just gotta save up for a PSP. and as for what they said about the KH3 possibility, i imagine that, if indeed the story will continue after these three games, it won't be for a while. i think maybe Nomura put out these three games to keep KH fans...
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    Dark Soldier

    I actually rather like the theory, but it would be rather repetitive if DS was a replica of Ven, just like Vexen's Riku Replica. But it does seem as if DS is after Ven. I've seen like two pics of DS and Terra seemingly about to fight, as they both are wielding weapons, and Ven is on the ground...
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    A "wouldn't you like" thread. 358/2

    WTF? that's messed up, no offense. and besides, why would Axel's somebody be in BBS? i don't think that the three games are connected to each other, just three side stories individually connected to the original three games in some way.
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    A "wouldn't you like" thread. 358/2

    God, i hope it does, i think that knowing who they used to be will help fans feel for the orginization more, i've always liked them, or at least half of them.
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    "New" Anime

    I was sick last weekend and since he knows i like anime my dad bought one from like 1985 called "Robotech". it's sorta lame, the action's pretty good, but there's a really cheesy love story, and i was just wondering if anybody else has heard of it or seen it, and what their opinions are.
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    theory on the title of bbs

    I don't like the idea of Terra being Xehanort either, everybody has that idea just cause his hair is similar. Not everything has to have deep meaning, maybe Nomura just ran out of hair -dos that look good, i mean look at Ven. He basically is Roxas. but whatever, like you said just throwing...
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    Level 99 Roxas

    Ya, i tried once and got to like 14, but i got too bored. even that made Twilight Thorn easier. Good Luck, it should be cool! tell us how Roxas looks using Sora's moves.
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    I got both in mine, but it was sorta by chance. Stop you always get, right? i think someone gives it to you or something. but gravity i got from one of those secret rooms that you need a special key for.
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    Ven and Roxas

    People keep disagreeing with me, but i really think Ven has more connection to Roxas than people think. I mean, in the picture of Ven on Destiny Islands he is wearing Roxas's bracelet (well, the outsides on his are white and roxas's are black, but close enough) here's the link to the pic...
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    Ansem/DiZ/Xehanort... huh?!

    If AtW wasn't dead we would know it becuase if he wasn't then why would he decide to disappear just like that? what would be the point?
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    Which one?????

    Okay, i'm debating which system to buy, DS or PSP? i can't decide so i'll take a vote from the public.
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    How important to the storyline are these three games? i had the notion that they were just side stories with information we didn't see before, but i'm starting to think differently. I still feel that way about coded, and sort of halfway about 358/2 Days, but i'm not so sure about BBS. Opinions?
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    Mickey in the pic

    Why is it that the new picture on the site is centered around king mickey? we know he probably plays an important role in BBS, but what about the other games? And do they all take place in the time before he obtained the dark realm keyblade? just a thought.
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    This really sucks!!!

    Has everyone seen the new KH game s stuff? I'm really mad about it i don't have any of those sytems. if anybody does have those systems, they have to post everyyhing about it. What are you're guyses opinions? (sorry if this has already been posted)
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    link mode

    I don't suggest trading cards becuase it's hard getting used to a new deck. But battling is fun. In future games they should have a Co-op mode, that would be the greatsest thing ever.
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    Larxene's anntena

    Why is it that a lot of anime characters have wierd hair styles? They're all basically stuff that's impossible to immitate in real life.
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    Larxene's anntena

    She has an antenna? or are you tlking about her hair-do? besides, i doudt that's really relevant. No offense