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  1. Beastly

    Beginning of KH 2

    its Sora he was talking about...as in he visited him in hollow bastian in KH final mix
  2. Beastly

    Roxas and Xion v sora

    I pick Sora mainly because roxas and xion didnt have as much of an impact on the story as sora
  3. Beastly

    BBS's NA Additions

    im probably more excited for critical mode and an extra boss, maybe another sephiroth optional boss batlle installment?
  4. Beastly

    Days funny bit(spoilers)

    it wasn't funny. it was just emotional thing between roxas and xion.
  5. Beastly

    New HQ Screenshots!

    Re: New HQ Scans! thanx for the scans in HQ. the dragon maleficent vs. aqua scan looks really good.
  6. Beastly

    bbs theme song

    there are better japanese singers. they really shouldnt just repeat an old 1.
  7. Beastly


    highly doubt it will ever be released in US. not even as a 10th anniversary thing.
  8. Beastly

    Return of the Invisible

    Invisibles were my favorite heartless from KH1. wished they were in days.
  9. Beastly

    What exactly was Roxas doing during Kingdom Hearts II?

    thats pretty much all he did. it was his last days of living.
  10. Beastly

    Significance of the title

    its the 358 days being shared by Roxas and Xion. it can be something this obvious.
  11. Beastly

    Did anyone else pronounce it wrong?

    I prounced it Zi-onnn. same thing happened to marlooooooooosha.
  12. Beastly

    HELL YEAHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    good for you, but was there really any point in making a thread about it?
  13. Beastly

    Which boss do you think is the most annoying

    definitely marluxia 3 on re:COM. that one thing that blew away all your cards was pretty gay.
  14. Beastly

    An Aqua Theory, Finally

    I highly doubt aqua would protect a sworn enemy. but hey, its just a theory.
  15. Beastly

    Kingdom Hearts II Development Issues

    I never heard this before, but that sounds interesting. Final cut sucked though....
  16. Beastly

    Do you like the Panel System more than the regular way of getting stronger.

    the panel system is a much better way to get stronger in days.
  17. Beastly

    Favorite KH2 Keyblade

    fav KH2 keyblade was the ultima. but the two become one looks much cooler.
  18. Beastly

    Did anyone else cry a bit?

    it was kinda sad. RIP Wayne
  19. Beastly

    Ummmm.. Axel Roxas? Whats Your Opinion o.O?

    well I never wanted to believe it, but Nomura kinda emphasized the "more than friends" thing alot between them.
  20. Beastly

    Do you still play the Gameboy Advance COM?

    naww, it just old, i dont really play it any more.